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Thread: Ryan Petrich Lets Us in on Some Details About His Upcoming Flipswitch Toggle API

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    Default Ryan Petrich Lets Us in on Some Details About His Upcoming Flipswitch Toggle API

    iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich has been working hard on a new API that developers will soon be able to take advantage of. The API will allow developers to write toggle switches for their tweaks; it will be named Flipswitch and it will be open source. Because it's an API, it won't have any user interface.

    The overall goal of Flipswitch is to make it so developers all take advantage of the same toggle switch API and make it so there aren’t so many variations of toggle interfaces in Cydia. This will not only make developing toggle switch tweaks easier on developers, but also make bug tracking a whole lot easier as well. Here are the words from Petrich himself:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Petrich
    Flipswitch is a system that makes it simple to both write switches and tweaks that use switches. Included in it are some of the standard switches you'd expect from a toggle tweak: wifi, bluetooth, hotspot, etc. It does not have any UI—for that you need a tweak that integrates with it, such as Switchicons. Switchicons is an open source example of how as a tweak developer you might integrate with Flipswitch, which is also open source. My intention is to get rid of all the duplicate work that developers have been doing building toggles in their tweaks. As a user, this system will eventually allow using any available switch with any compatible tweak, instead of like now where most toggles are available for SBSettings, but everything else has limited selection.
    The demonstration tweak (Switchicons) that Petrich is referring to is pictured above. Switchicons is an open source jailbreak tweak that demonstrates how the API known as Flipswitch can be used. It's a basic jailbreak tweak that was written using the Flipswitch API to place several toggle switches on the home screen. Using Flipswitch, developers will be able to place toggles almost anywhere.

    Several projects are already in place to begin taking advantage of the Flipswitch API in the future. While we can’t name them all at this point in time, we can say that Activator, and an upcoming Auxo update will take advantage of Flipswitch. Auxo's toggles will still remain in the App Switcher even though they will be powered by Flipswitch. Activator on the other hand will be adding Flipswitch support so that individual Activator actions can be assigned to toggle switch features.

    Even though Flipswitch isn’t available for developers yet on the main repositories, you can find it, along with Switchicons, on Ryan Petrich’s beta repository. If you would like to give it a try, add Ryan Petrich’s beta repository by following the steps below:

    • tap on the Manage tab
    • tap on the Sources button
    • tap on the Edit button
    • tap on the Add button
    • enter the following URL and then tap Add Source:

    PHP Code: 
    Flipswitch sounds like a great step forward for the jailbreak community and we look forward to seeing it get used by many other jailbreak tweaks!

    Sources: Ryan Petrich

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    This is brilliant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wicrowe View Post
    This is brilliant!
    True that !!

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    I'm always impressed with Mr. Petrich's work! Keep it up man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by i113 View Post
    I'm always impressed with Mr. Petrich's work! Keep it up man!

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    Man this guy and his ideas!

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    Should be re-inventing the iOS for us from within! This man does have some ideas that's for sure!
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    Someone's gonna b getting some job offers from apple...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwraw8482 View Post
    Someone's gonna b getting some job offers from apple...
    I was just thinking about posting that same comment... He has to have had job offers from apple before... If they never offered him one yet they are missing out... He is the biggest name in the jailbreak game... So many of our most used tweaks have been developed by Ryan... I mean c'mon just look at activator... Apple definitely took notice of that essential cydia tweak... Anyways, great news... I have thought it to be crazy how many different ways you can set up toggles... That'll be great to have them all be uniform and consistent... Mr. Petrich is my jailbreak dev hero... I can't believe he gives us so much yet charges us so rarely for his amazing work... Keep up the good work Bruddah Ryan! The jailbreak community tips its hat and salutes you...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jato_BZ View Post
    Should be re-inventing the iOS for us from within! This man does have some ideas that's for sure!
    I would pay hundreds of dollars to run a revamped overhauled os that he built...

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    I love working with this API, it's brilliant, so easy to integrate with!

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