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Thread: Does This Leaked Shot Reveal iOS 7's Flat Design?

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    Everything i have read says this pic is from the early days of ios 7

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    They better make a theme store if they release those icons.
    "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not"

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    How come this phone has only 4 rows above the dock? Is apple getting rid of the 4" screen?

    This pic is screaming FAKE. A theme made for 4S.

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    WOW. It looks just like every other IOS since backgrounds were turned on.... boring.
    I thought they were going to really change things. I guess their big change is so minor nobody cares.

    And next time get an Android phone to take the photo with not an iPhone, its so blurry and crappy.

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    Fake, look at the carrier, no carrier listed but it has 4 signal bars? Lol nice try

    Quote Originally Posted by BhadKarma View Post
    That would be taking 10steps backwards for one, and two, Microsoft is all flat designed icons like that ish...

    Hope it's fake
    I feel like I'm the minority, every else hates flat design but personally I love it... The metro interface I think is beautifully designed...
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    It still looks horrible and ancient. What about true multitasking in iOS 7? #ancient #appleisdead

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    I hope they come up with some user friendly functions , which doesn't has to do with the GUI of iOS . Hopefully some thing to do with widgets .

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    I don't care about the icons. I don't care about the gloss. Android icons are still terrible looking, and they aren't even close to the what the 441ppi screens are capable of. Yet, no one gives a damn about the icons on an Android set, because the OS from a functionality stand point is outstanding. If you paint a rusted out '71 Ford blue, it's still a rusted '71 Ford. If Apple doesn't get past the aesthetics and push the OS to be something intuitive and new, what the hell are they doing all this work for? It's a complete waste of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatOneProfile View Post
    Lol. If anything I hope they come up with.. Need I say it a refund option in the App Store. Something on the lines of :cough: android. We will see. The springboard is begging for a new look also. Swype as a alternative keyboard wouldn't be bad either.

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    "hey let's leak a screenshot of the new iOS 7."

    "you know what would be better? taking a terrible quality photo of the screen instead."

    "of course!"

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    There is a free tweak in Cydia called Gloss Remover that already accomplishes this for the most part. The terrible screen gradients need to go as well. A few user options for the appearance is not asking for much. Err I guess with apple it is.

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    Its on a jailbroken iphone lol and the screen is a photo off the phone and the a photo of the iphone 4/4s showing it lol n if i was going to be real it be alot better than that

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    Stock will always need to be themed. I couldn't own an iPhone if it was the same as everyone else's down to the t.

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    if this was real they could have simply taken a screenshot of the iphone running ios 7. this is so fake!

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    There are so many things wrong. One it's a theme from Cydia. Second there are 2 sets of status bars in the photo and the screen is slanted sideways. Even if you try to say it was a photo of a photo of a phone on a phone but then why wouldn't they just upload the picture of the phone from the second phone. It screams fake.

    However, I would gladly welcome the new flat design that it shows off. I absolutely love a more windows style design without becoming that piece of crap windows phone. Windows is much better than Mac and I think apple should take a page or two from Microsoft and their windows.

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    In iOS 7, the status bar is 30 pixels away from the screen, the left icons are cut off, the screen is at an angle not parallel to the device edges, there are only 4 icons on a page (iPhone 5 has 5) and the only update is less glossiness?

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    This is innovative..? Think Apple don't copy everyone else like android or other platforms lol...

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    Those of you who are screaming fake, have you ever looked at a digital watch while it was underwater while your head was out of the water? If you even slightly tilt the watch, this is precisely the effect you'll see. This looks to me much more like the previously reported "privacy filter" attached to the screen and a photo was quickly taken on the sly. Just food for thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *T* View Post

    In iOS 7, the status bar is 30 pixels away from the screen, the left icons are cut off, the screen is at an angle not parallel to the device edges, there are only 4 icons on a page (iPhone 5 has 5) and the only update is less glossiness?
    Yup pretty much

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