App Store links appear in our lives every once in a while. It can be rather annoying when we tap on them and iOS leaves the application we were currently in to launch the App Store and open the page for the application you tapped the link for.

A new free jailbreak tweak called QuickStore by iOS developer kinda attempts to fix this issue by making it so App Store links open App Store sheets, rather than the full App Store. This way, you can close the sheet and return to the application you were already in without having to fiddle with an App Switcher.

As shown above, when you tap on an App Store link, a loading box will appear as the App Store renders the page for the application. This may be fast or slow depending on your Internet connection speed. Afterwards, an App Store sheet will appear with the information about the application you opened the link for. You can look at any ratings, reviews, related applications, and screenshots, just like you can in the full-blown App Store.

You will be able to tap on the Cancel button at the top left of the App Store sheet to close the App Store sheet and return to the application you were in when you tapped on the App Store link.

The tweak is unobtrusive and pleasant. Itís one of those nice jailbreak tweaks that make you wonder what Apple was thinking and why they havenít implemented this yet. You can enable and disable the tweak on demand via the preferences pane in the Settings application Ė there are no other options to configure.

Check out the demo video from the developer below:

For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

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Name: QuickStore
Price: FREE
Version: 0.1-1
Requirements: iOS 6
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: kinda
Editor's Rating:  4/5