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Thread: Americans Will Give Up Just About Anything For a Week Except Their iPhone

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    Now I you said this launch day of the iPhone 5 99% would of been the outcome.

    I THINK I could go a week without the iPhone. I am married so a week without sex..pfff try weeks.. shoes would be the problem, if I would get to wear socks then sure, but nothing, not a chance. Its to damn hot here to walk without shoes, you try stepping on 140 degree asphalt.

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    If I could have sex everyday for the rest of my life I'd give up my iPhone. Hands down.

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    Psh I was on vacation for a week and half and didn't use my iPhone once. Granted I didn't have good cell service but I didn't use it nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterion View Post
    I need sex! or at least porn
    Can't get pussy that's why u watch porn or what

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    Quote Originally Posted by R.Mortera View Post
    Can't get pussy that's why u watch porn or what
    I do get p*ssy. Apparently some people don't know how to read.

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    we could all use more pussy (cat)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterion View Post
    I need sex! or at least porn
    There are many convenient apps for hiding porn on your iPhone!

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    Guys watch the comments please

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    Quote Originally Posted by GmAz View Post
    Thats becuase iphone users are shoeless hipsters that don't get any sex anyways.
    Ah, someone's jealous. Must be an envious android user.

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    He said no shoes for a week, didn't say anything about no socks.

    I had to get my screen fixed about a month ago, so while i waited I went to huddle house to get some breakfast and I had my timer on my watch goin while i was waiting just to see how long it had been since i left my phone. I was twiddling my thumbs and everything, lol goin through withdrawal within a hour time frame. Its sad i know but hey i love my phone!!!!
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    I can't live without my iPhone
    "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKCHRIS View Post
    I'd Give up my iPad..but not my iPhone.BUT..HEY...there's always Android.
    <----- Been about 1 1/2 years since touching an IPhone because of Android. Still mess with the Ipod for the woman though.

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    Insert your own joke here.
    OK heres my joke

    Philip Swanson: Professional Journalist

    looooool that is hilarious. How awkward sounding is that? It just does not fit together at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Notangel74 View Post
    What i can survive with out phone but why it has be and iPhone come on
    wow next time, try english haha kidding lil bit
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    I could go a week without my iPhone 4 because I would have my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with me

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    Wait...there's life without an iPhone? No way!

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    lol they can give shoes but not iphone cuz iphone are costly instead of shoes
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