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Thread: Are Some Jailbreakers Losing Their Unlimited Data Plans from AT&T?

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    I pay for data.... why should I pay again for the same data?????!!!! I'm confused. Whether it's in the terms or contract its clearly highway robbery... its my data... I paid for it so why should it matter what I view it on.... ATT <---- A** holes

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    Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
    $45 for 2GB? I'm lucky I'm not American. I get 6GB for $30 with Rogers in Canada
    Wow, for once you guys up there get something for cheaper then us.

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    I am tired of the BS from AT&T. I still have a year left but I am going to leave these suckers behind and just go over to tmobile. AT&T are a bunch of A-holes anyway. Bye bye AT&T to my $200 monthly bill.


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    I have the 2 gig plan and it's plenty enough for me.

    -on a side note I am happy that the 1st page bug was fixed in the app. Now I can see page 2,3,4... And so forth.

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    i have unlimited data ive used almost 2GB+ in the past 8 days...streaming a lot of pandora>(car radio)/youtube/nextflix/web ect...mostly at work..we have wifi at work i know the password i been using it but this month i decide to not use it to see what i can put out a month.i do use wifi at home or starbucks/malls ect..just want to simulate a usage with no wifi at work i dont really tether much because iphone is the only thing i carry when im out and waiting to see my usage in a month looks like it will be big

    ATT needs to have better price on data..2GB is a joke plus tethering should be part of the data plan 2GB you should be able to use data any way you like and not add 45$+ extra

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    I just used 16gb last bill (Verizon) and I don't tether so F--K it

    Not to say Verizon won't do the same A's Att but I'm so glad I left Att...

    They are trying so hard to get rid of everyones unlimted plan, and wrongfully accusing people of tethering, it's only time till they government puts an end to there SHT...

    Do they know the meaning of UNLIMTED

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    They aren't just going after heavy data users either because my mom only uses about 300-400mb a month tethering to a laptop which I setup for her since she can't get DSL, cable, Clear, or any other broadband service other than satellite which is a joke when it comes to internet. She is on my family plan and I got the email and letter saying they detected tethering on her phone line. I, on the other hand, use about 5gb a month and tether my iPad but have not gotten the email.

    One thing I don't undrestand is when I called AT&T, they said they detected tethering once in the last month on my moms line yet she has done it many times. So it doesn't make sense that it wasn't detected more than that.

    I just hope the next iPhone comes out for all carriers as people have rumored because I'm ready to switch providers.

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    My contract has been up since June...does Verizon still have unlimited?

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    I promise you this, if they take my unlimited data away when I myself don't even use MyWi or any tether app I will be very angry and I know many other are like myself who just use their phones for everything and need the unlimited data, I have owned every iPhone and plan on sticking with it. The only way I will change my data is if they make an LTE version in the future. But if they take everyone's grandfathered in unlimited data I might just drop AT&T I drop calls left and right already only things keeping me are my unlimited data, call and surf, and that AT&T will get future iPhones first. But so help me I will take my plans with 10 iPhone 4s and go to Verizons better service

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    So back in April, I received the initial TOD. It scared me enough to back off and stop, though I went back and tethered a little when the new PDAnet came out, after changing the TTL on my iPad. After a bit, like a week, I decided I'd stop that too, and have abandoned tethering ever since.

    I never did receive additional texts, emails, or postal mail regarding this, and I figured I was off the hook...until the other night.

    I recently lost my wallet, and had to call to cancel all of the cards in it. With the arrival of new cards came the necessity to change autopayments, including to ATT. When my changes didn't go through, and I was a day late on the ATT payment, I called them to straighten things out. Guess where my 611 call got routed to directly? Yep, right to the tethering fools.

    The lady on the phone told me that they'd sent me second and third notices, emails and the letter, none of which ever arrived. I of course did the natural thing, played dumb...and asked her if we could speed it up, as I wanted to talk to somebody about my payment issue.

    Of course, now when I look in my online account management, under features, there it is, in black and white: TETHWARN1

    I guess they had to actually speak to me to pin it on me, so now with this new news I'm waiting to see if they skewer my unlimited plan. I hope not, as I've straightened up and flown right, and have learned to live within the limitations of my iPhone's screen.

    If they do nail me, well, I've got a couple of options, and none of them include jumping to another carrier. The grass ain't really greener on the other side if the other carriers just don't work where I need 'em.

    Option 1: Jump off the 4GB tethering plan, over to the enterprise data plan. Still $45, but it's unlimited.
    Option 2: Swap SIM cards with my mom's phone, which is on my account and I pay for, and commandeer her unlimited plan. She doesn't use 100MB a month anyway, and I'll bump her down to the 200MB plan.

    That's about the best I can come up with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    It's really funny to see people complain so much because they get caught cheating the system lol. For those who are wrongly accused and just use a lot of data that sucks.
    I agree, I use Netflix, MLB at Bat, and Slingbox. I use 4gb a month on average, I'm jb but never really tether.

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    In all seriousness, can someone explain to me the need to use 10+GB/month? I understand the general (though a bit unrealistic, probably) gripe of "unlimited means unlimited" - I'm just wondering personally what one does - or DOESN'T do - to use that much data on a smartphone. I've never gone over 1GB in a month, and let my wife tell it, I'm on my phones constantly.

    I'm in Japan now, so this situation isn't affecting me in the slightest. Hopefully, things will be smoothed out when I return. I haven't really been following the data and carrier wars - I'm just wondering if this is indeed a shady move on ATT's part (though probably clearly stated in their lengthy ToA), or more a slap to the back of the head for "those" out there that are overindulging... maybe both?
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    this is really getting annoying first they say that they will slow down speeds for heavy user ,which they say it will affect 5% of user ( i bet they average the totals for ALL customers to get that 5% even tho smartphone user can use a higher amount of data) now they can change ur plan at will? dont get me wrong for ppl that tether ( i tether maybe 1 gb a month ) this was coming , i personally never got a notice from att , i use around 8gb a month being that 1gb of tethering my ipad when i go work out , but lets b honest here, if u use pandora a lot of watch a movie or two in a month u will b around 5 gb in no time, this a streaming apps that use that much data, i work as a delivery guy and i use pandora a lot, and watch hulu or netflix when im on breaks or lunch , and even before i started tethering i used 6 or 7 gb a month, so this whole changing the rules is just bogus , there is no oversight , and no one making sure that this companies do it fairly , come on lets be honest this companies will do anything and everything to get more money from use even if is cheating the system to get to that goal

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    Ya this whole thing is bull. ATT is just being greedy. This is a market economy...we should have the choice...if you went into walmart and saw a magazine and wanted to buy a subscription and you had 2 payment options, one being $20 a month(ATT), or one payment of $20(mywi), which one are you gonna take??? You shouldn't have to pay $25, and then pay $20 more for the same service with an unlocked feature. Unlimited is unlimited, they shouldn't care how you use it, but if you're using 5 gigs on a 2gig plan that's reasonable for them to whine.

    Now for you people bringing up the TOS.....are you serious? Is that your only argument? OBVIOUSLY every customer on here with att agreed to's not like we had a choice if we want there service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    If they change your data package and you truthfully have not tethered, I would give them a call. My bet is the heavy data texts were just that, heavy data texts. Now they are probably looking at heavy data users and seeing where that traffic is coming from. If you fall into heavy data (which has yet to be defined, but I would assume over 2-4GB a month), they are likely checking you for tethering. If you don't tether, I wouldn't worry one bit.
    I have called and talked to several people. They all say there is nothing I can do to avoid the change. Their system says I have tethered even though I have not, and their system IS Judge, Jury and Executioner! I have watched movies through the netflix app (although not anymore due to their frivolous price increase), surf the web a ton, and have the app to watch some of my sports. I use anywhere from 500MB up to 3.5GB on average. Only once have I exceeded 5GB. But all my complaints fall on deaf ears because it differs from what their system says. They have said I have received FINAL notice and because it was the final notice the change is locked in. Great way to treat a decade long customer!

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    I use about 3-5 GB's a month. I don't tether. Netflix is my best friend at work.

    Yes I have a lot of down time at work.

    Quote Originally Posted by iN2K View Post
    My contract has been up since June...does Verizon still have unlimited?
    No. They now have a 2GB plan like At&t. But it's $30 not $25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purplemonkeyspank View Post
    25 truly unlimited "all-you-can-eat" data with 2000 minutes and 5000 texts a month here in the uk
    Yeah, and how much do you pay for gas in the UK? We win some, we lose some.

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    If you use MyWi or any tethering on the phone or using the phone as a modem, AT&T will automatically change your unlimited plan to a 2Gb tethering plan for 45 dollars without the customers consent," the article reads. "This is for those who received emails or texts about the use of tethering without an AT&T tethering plan."
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    suck my ***. I tether to my girls non-data iphone and thats all.

    You know ATT is the CHEAPEST company ever. I pay 30$ for unlimited, and now they want to pass off 30$ for 2 gigs as "helping me"? go screw yourself AT&T.

    I could see paying the 15$ for 2 gigs but not 30. make the 2 gig 15$ and the 15mb 5$ and then Ill say your fair. Im about to drop my stupid data, theres pretty much wifi every where and I own a GPS for my car so apple/AT&T can suck my ***.

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