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Thread: RecognizeMe On Sale For $3.99 - Limited Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by pakijawan View Post
    If you want to look crazy sitting still for 1 - 2 min in public,then buy this.
    Haha so true. I bought it when it first came out and I played with it for hours and I finally got it to recognize me. Only thing is it takes forever to scan and unlock. People always think I'm taking a picture of them when actually I'm just trying to unlock my phone...

    But everything aside it's still a very cool and impressive tweak

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    Default Recognize Me
    Quote Originally Posted by EddieLeonard View Post
    this app sucks... my cousin used it when i set it up for my face and it unlocked it for her....
    I think that means that you look like a girl!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua Tucker View Post
    You're indeed correct sir. And then of course my beautiful girlfriend (3 year anniversary today).

    I have seen that girl in roseville before...

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    I haven't the patience for this. I wanna get in my phone fast and this would make me whip it against the wall. Just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikemike26ny View Post
    This app is far away from where it's ever gonna be. I agree with the background lighting issue. If your looking for an awesome security app coming soon, head over to Home Page and check out IShutDown that we'll be releasing by the end of July to the cydia store. I'll be putting a video up on the website later on tomorrow night of the demo. Hope you enjoy.
    From your site...

    IShutDown is the soon to be most amazing security app for your Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod. The concept of IShutDown is when someone attempts to get into your phone, upon hitting your home button to bring the device out of sleep mode you will be greeted by IShutDown. Depending on what theme you've chosen you will have 15 seconds to enter your password. When the time expires, the phone will power completely off. We'll have several updates which will include more theme packages along with outstanding features to make IShutDown the best security app on the market. A video will be posted in the next few days to give you a look at what we've been working on. Hope you enjoy.
    Your "most amazing security app" is a simple timer that powers off the phone? [sarcasm]Brilliant![/sarcasm]

    Considering that your app is, as of yet, nonexistent, your comment that RecognizeMe is "far away from where it's ever gonna be" seems a bit hypocritical. The words "put up or shut up" come to mind. I'm not even going to get into the obvious flaws your app will have right out of the gate (hint: accidental button presses). To the point, if your app does exactly what you say it will do, it will be completely worthless.

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