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Thread: Article: CaseFactori iDevice Case Giveaway: iDevice Company With A Cause

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    Default CaseFactori Giveaway: iDevice Company With A Cause

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jon Chong the co-founder of CaseFactori, a new iDevice case company.

    While Chong and fellow founder CheeKian Teng (C.K. for short) do turn out some nicely made iDevice cases, their inspiration runs a little deeper. The two have combined their love of iDevices and their passion for giving back into a single company.

    Their motto: A case with a cause.

    Every customer who purchases a case from CaseFactori gets to choose which charity a small portion of the proceeds goes to ($3.50 a case). As of now CaseFactori has partnered with World Vision, Love 146, E is For Ezra, Animal Welfare Institute, and the Team Fox Foundation.

    In a related note check out the E is For Ezra thread one of our very own moderators posted earlier this year here.

    To help promote their cause CaseFactori has been generous enough to give us 12 free cases to give away.

    Usually we have readers comment on the story and then randomly choose who gets the free swag, but with all these social media tools at our fingertips we're going to try something a little different.

    In order to be eligible to win readers must either:

    • A. Tweet this story and tag both ModMyi (@modmyi) and CaseFactori (@casefactori)
    • B. Share this story on Facebook and tag Modmyi ( in the post

    The twelve winners will be selected at random at the end of the day on Saturday. Each winner will get to choose between any of CaseFactori's iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone cases. We will contact the winners, get their shipping information, what case they want, and your free swag will be on its way.

    Casefactori is also running a promotion of their own up until the launch of their store on June 25 at 12 p.m. (they're giving away iPad 2's and iPod touches on launch day as well). They'll be giving a case away every hour, so check out their blog for more details.

    Below are a few pictures of their iPad and iPhone cases. The cases of high-grade TPU plastic, and leather. In my time using them they proved to hold up well, and don't add a ton of bulk to the devices. These aren't OtterBox survive the Apocalypse cases, but they are well made, functional, and easy on the eyes. Plus you can rest easier knowing part of your purchase went to helping a cause greater than any iDevice.

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    wow. that's really nice of them to do that! kudos to them.

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    I will share this through Twitter and Facebook for sure!
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    what's with the triple post for this article?

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    Christ! Fix this bloody site or go back to the old working version. PLEASE!

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    Too bad I hate Facebook so much. My iP4 could use a new dress. Good to see companies that help still exist. If even half the companies out there donated even 1% of profit to Organizations, the world would be a way better place for everyone.

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    So I should, or should not rely on this to be bullet proof.

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    What a nice cause! If I had a Facebook or Twitter I would've spread this through there I guess it's time for old school and going with word of mouth

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