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Thread: Article: All Your Base Belong To Us: Apple Granted Touch Screen Patent, Everyone Else Screwed

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    Quote Originally Posted by therandy View Post
    This is EPIC!!! Hahahaha

    Game over "iPhone killers" - I'm so tired of hearing this phrase.
    twice in the same post troll. gg

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    How would that make sense? That's like breaking a law, before the law exists?
    Wouldn't they be ok since they made the phones before the patent was finalized?

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    unbelievable, nokia is in the mobile phone game 5 times longer than apple,
    and apple only take less than 5 years to take out all of big mobile phone companies.

    but the world is going to end in 2012 anyway, theres no point of suing each other

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    BS! apple cannot be granted sole rights over touch screens. i will be willing to eat my very wooly beanie hat if this is the case.

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    ******* Apple. Rule out the competition and Apple will less likely see the need to add new features etc.

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    Damn son!

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    Please read the full patent. Especially you Philip Swanson. Way to blow something way way way outta proportion.

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    Very interesting...but I wonder how comprehensive this patent is. Does Apple have a patent on just THEIR touchscreen technology, or all of it? I've played with several Droid phones and their touch screen interface is nowhere near as solid as as Apple's. It's actually one of the reasons I chose to stick with the iPhone when I got my iPhone 4.

    *EDIT: Sorry, I see this has been addressed. On another note, is anyone else having a hard time getting all the comments to load when clicking on an article? When I first clicked on this one it only displayed the first comment (which is why I posted what I posted). When I went back to the MMi main page it said their were 28 replies. I had to click on several links and do a couple of reloads in order to display all the comments. It's like a weird scavenger hunt.
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    Here is a video actually describing the patent
    YouTube - ‪Apple Patent 7,966,578‬‏

    the article took the first part of the patent's abstract completely out of context and didnt read the second part . . . .

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    Money doesnt grow on trees, its made of cotton...
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    Let's see which company comes out with holographic projections next.

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    U mad bro???

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    I thought the deal Apple struck with Nokia was lucrative to Nokia (as a nice revenue stream) but this one for Apple may even trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrrippey View Post
    I thought the deal Apple struck with Nokia was lucrative to Nokia (as a nice revenue stream) but this one for Apple may even trump
    Not even. This is a very specific patent, while Nokia has patents that without agreement, apple wouldn't be (legally) able to make a functional phone.

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    Man the author really needs to revise this post. And MMi really needs to fix this issue of only 1 comment being displayed when clicking on the story from the front news feed page. Some articles show all comments while others show only the first 1 or 2. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    *edit* and the title's not even right. It's "All your base are belong to us" in the original incorrect video game translation.
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    Must be a good time to buy Apple stock huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by didupart13 View Post
    thats all i can say as well my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topless1967stang View Post
    Must be a good time to buy Apple stock huh?
    Of Course, I went out and bought 10 Shares

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    This is NOT good. Not as good as you think anyway. The more it costs others to license their products the more they cost and the less they are willing to continually research and develop because they have to "Pay the apple tax" to do so. Competition is best and when Apple secures these things it LOOKS good for Apple, but it is not something that produces a positive effect for consumers.

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