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Thread: [ FIRST VIEW ] OpenSource iPhone? iBoot

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    Default [ FIRST VIEW ] OpenSource iPhone? iBoot

    cmw (you may know him as niacin, co-author of the tiff exploit, aka has released iBoot, a tool which lets you access the iPhone bootloader via a console.

    Whats it mean? An important first step towards porting other OS's to the iPhone. cmw has already got up and running, and is actively porting Linux at the moment.

    Using the dev teams nor hack i managed to patch all of my bootloader code directly into iBoot and build a kernel driver that lets you mount the nand on Linux. teamed up with to get cmw an iPhone to play around with and get that Linux port going, so look for some cool news on that soon.


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    First! Awesome, can't wait!
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    Would installing Linux pretty much cripple the phone aspect of the iPhone or would it be possible to use the phone under the new OS? Because that would be awesome.

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    Linux on the iPhone, thats freaking sweet. Can't wait to see this. In your face Apple!

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    Wow that's great to hear! Can't wait to see what cmw can get up and running!
    i LOVE apple.

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    android on iphone maybe?

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    man i would love to help!
    <put something witty here?>

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    I can't wait to run linux on here as well .. mmm
    iDictionary .. who are you?

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    dude that is wicked thanks for the update on that . . .

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    Default Wow
    Can't wait to run Pocket Pc on my iPhone.... lol
    Keep up the good work guys!

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    The benefit of 'Nix on the iPhone is not great as we would lose the phone most likely.
    However, this is a great and quite big step towards a veriety of possible Custom OS's, firmwares, 'Nix, etc.

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    Now this is some news...not the joke about 1.2 firmware....

    Keep up the good work!

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    what would really **** apple off is if we put windows on there!!!! haha

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    how bout ubuntu mobile on the iPhone?

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    Pretty cool...

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    Would it also be possible to port Linux to the iTouch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rasbill View Post
    android on iphone maybe?
    tears came down mah eyes when i read that sweet idea jk

    Quote Originally Posted by gameviper View Post
    what would really **** apple off is if we put windows on there!!!! haha
    ohh man this is gettin better n better
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    @LilJohn - UME is based on the x86 architecture atm so it would not be possible yet
    We may not actually lose phone capability since baseband runs separate from the iPhone OS so it could still be possible if cmw manages to do it.

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    Wow this is cool, ill definitely keep an eye on this

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