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Thread: Free, Legal (?) Live TV on your iDevice

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    I tried it today. It worked fine but I don't want news from other cities. I want localized network channels.

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    I think the legal point is rebroadcasting. If in anyway they are rebroadcasting from a source then its not legal. If they are not streaming the content in anyway then its legal.

    US laws are old but the old-timers were years ahead of their time. You can receive from free air waves but you can not rebroadcast without written consent from the source.

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    works nice, i think all of the channels are west coast though, i'm on the east.

    works good on the PC and iPhone4

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    KTTV-FOX 11 on the Iphone/safari setup is not working very well. Green pixels.

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    Canada yes it works....

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    Quote Originally Posted by westerman View Post
    That's cool has anyone tried on an actual computer? More channels or anything
    There is a desktop app which seems to work really well. I had no trouble with the iphone web access but lots more channels on the desktop app.

    Hope this continues.

    Quote Originally Posted by dotFIVE View Post
    This site obviously doesn't play well with iPads. Works great with iPhones or computers though! Too bad this thing will only be free for a month... It's really cool. I got rid of my cable awhile ago so I haven't seen live TV in ages.

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    Have you tried over the air. Just get a antenna on your house and either use a TV with built in tuner or get an external tuner. The new digital capabilities gets you HD with the right tuner and a lot more channel.
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    I tried it on my iPhone4 and it worked great. I have a slingbox though and it's much better. Once it becomes pay you basically have two choices, ORB or SlingBox (it seems these are the most popular ones). With ORB your computer must remain on all the time and you will need a tv tuner card and possibly some other hardware (not positive as I didn't go this route). My slingbox is the older AV model but it works just fine. I can watch all my channels and recorded programs on my DVR. The lowest model they have now is the Solo and it's $158 on Amazon (might beable to find them on your local craigslist for less) and then you will need to buy the app which is $29.99. To be honest I rarely use it; it was a novelty at first but the "coolness" factor wore off pretty quick. It obviously drains your battery pretty quick and if you are not on a unlimited data plan you will need to watch your usage stats. It has come in handy though. I was on a flight to Kansas visiting family for Christmas. We landed and were stuck on the tarmac for about an hour. After sitting there for 5 minutes the pilot told us we could go ahead and turn on our cell phones. Grabbed mine and fired up my slingplayer and a few of us watched the Cowboys game :-)

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    does it work right now? 2.20PM EST.. It seems offline ..nothing is displayed on my iphone for

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    Get porn channel on iphone ;o)

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    Been working ok for me. For some reason I have access to more channels on my iPad than on my iPhone.
    I noticed that too. Weird.

    Just had to delete it from my kids iT devices though as I wasn't aware that there was porn available.

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    There should be a filter, in the settings or something to remove xxx channels

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    working on the mac sweeeet

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    Yea this is somthing different, so do they know there showing porn on this site like its normal to watch porn on public channels or somthing this is hilarious lol. this wont last long I like this site tho.

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    Gave it a look. All west coast LA channels and I wanted to see how the Steeler game looked on it. Can't believe MNF isn't on one channel? haven't checked the pron channels yet.

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    ESPN has MNF that's why!

    Free on Has a "lite" version of the regular site. Have to search streamers who may have the game.

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    Trying to figure out what Im doing wrong. I downloaded the PC version and get all the channels but only getting the two XXX channels on the iphone4

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    this was working earlier but it seems they have removed the channels? Anyone else experienced this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehren88888 View Post
    ESPN has MNF that's why!

    Free on Has a "lite" version of the regular site. Have to search streamers who may have the game.
    It's also on local television here in Pittsburgh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kraziebone View Post
    this was working earlier but it seems they have removed the channels? Anyone else experienced this?
    All channels are back now, at least in the last 5 minutes... I wonder if they can include HBO and VH1, that would make my day!

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    works in Germany on iphone and macbook! have not seen real live TV for a while. NICE
    THANK YOU excentric millionare!
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