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Thread: Limera1n is Live!

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    Default Limera1n is Live!

    How to Jailbreak 4.1 with limera1n

    Big breaking news in our world tonight as limera1n (to jailbreak iOS 4.1 for all iDevices) has been released - though it is for windows only (Yes, yes, a Mac version would be nice, but let's appreciate what we've got and give props out to where they belong).

    A full guide and a slightly restructured guide system will be provided by ModMyi later this evening. By several accounts, and corroborated by those of you have have already delved right in, it works pretty well so far (though issues could become apparent, as the release is so fresh anything could still develop in the moments ahead). So exercise the degree of caution you're comfortable with and stick with MMi for tons of info, insight, and fallout in the minutes and hours to come.

    Making this weekend a jailbreaker's dream, let's not forget about what Sunday has in store. Chronic Dev Team member Joshua Hill recently tweeted that Greenpois0n will launch on October 10, at 10:10:10 A.M. “Things have progressed to the point where we don't expect anymore roadblocks. ETA for greenpois0n is 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM.” so be on standby with your iDevices for what will be a pretty sweet Sunday.


    There is high drama in jailbreaker's paradise tonight as we're learning all is not smooth sailing with limera1n (the bugs are alive and well), as it simply isn't working right for everyone. Adding to the drama is the apparent reality that greenpois0n isn't coming out tomorrow after all. To be sure, the Chronic Dev Team is not happy with GeoHot at the moment. Stay tuned.
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    I just tried it and it worked perfectly on my iphone 4. Great job!!

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    There are a couple problems. Be careful people.

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    Worked earlier on my iPt4...

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    I can wait for Tom at 6:10am set thank you dev-team. No thanks geohot.

    EDIT:So.. looks like after all I'm jus going to be using Limera1n the first release sucked re-downloaded the 4th and worked like a charm on my iphone 3gs just on the ipad the limera1n app stayed on, but for both I needed to reset to see cydia.
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    This took a while
    To post. Its been out for a few hours already. And there might be delay on greenpois0n.

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    I'll wait on some info for the unlocked community

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    So if I have my iP4 currently on 4.0.1 Jailbroken, what would be the process for upgrading? Do I need to do it first via iTunes "restore" and THEN jailbreak?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BboyAirrick View Post
    This took a while
    To post. Its been out for a few hours already. And there might be delay on greenpois0n.
    There is no delay on greenpois0n and limera1n works good so far it's been out for about 4 hours

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    Don't use this thiefs buggy jailbreak.

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    Wow, so much has happened in the last few hours, and someone should really update the post since greenpois0n isn't coming out tomorrow

    Quote Originally Posted by holdemdogg View Post
    There is no delay on greenpois0n and limera1n works good so far it's been out for about 4 hours Hottest Apple and Cydia News on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Unlock, Jailbreak, Themes, and Tweaks Around!
    limera1n isn't working right for everyone, even geohotz called it shitty. And greenpois0n isn't coming out tomorrow, the dev team said it themselves
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    Quote Originally Posted by Javish View Post
    So if I have my iP4 currently on 4.0.1 Jailbroken, what would be the process for upgrading? Do I need to do it first via iTunes "restore" and THEN jailbreak?
    What I did was backup my cydia stuff with pkgbkup, then I just updated to 4.1 directly and then used Limerain. After you use limerain look for the limrain icon and click on that, then that will install cydia. The cydia icon itself is messed up or just looks white, but it still works. Ok after updating cydia itself it rebooted phone and now icon looks normal.

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    Twitter is lighting up about this and how it effected greenosi0n. I think that geo has a brilliant mind when it comes to programming, but with this, he needs to grow up and learn to play nice for the sake of the entire jailbreak community. I haven't tried this out yet and won't for a while. Someone who pulls a stunt like this... I'll wait. I only have one phone and can't really take that big of a chance on someone who is obviously motivated more by public opinion then love for the "game".

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpjunkie76 View Post

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    He didn't steal anything. He used what was available. Also, when he used the private JB to JB his iPhone 4, people (idiots) DEMANDED that he release a JB that wasn't his. Because he didn't bother to explain that it wasn't his, idiots still act like he was teasing us when he was just showing us what he was up to. That's why he deleted his twitter account and "left" the JB scene... To work in private because he's "damned if he dies; damned if he doesn't" with people like you.
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    Let's break it down for you all:
    LimeRa1n is SUPER BUGGY and is actually a public JB Tool beta (Bet you didn't know that). 3 Different betas have been released ever since the site officially provided the 1st download link. Greenpois0n IS NOT going to be using the SHAtter exploit, because they don't want 2 perfectly good exploits to be burned up. Greenpois0n WILL be delayed and we don't know by how much. Greenpois0n will use the same exploit used by LimeRa1n, that's why it's being delayed. So tomorrow may not be the release of greenpois0n and Chronic Dev Team is pissed off at GeoHot.

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