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Thread: Limera1n is Live!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyder78 View Post
    I've tried with 2 different 2 Iphone 3G one was 8GB and the other 16gb running 4.1. Everytime that it goes to dfu mode it will not go any further. Like the program just stops. I was trying with Limera1n beta 4. What am I doing wrong? I've tried holding the home button after dfu mode and tried letting go. I've restored both phones 3 times already and tried again to no avail.
    It doesnt work on iPhone 3G. Use redsn0w 0.9.6

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    Quote Originally Posted by CZroe View Post
    You are only partially right. Firstly, Jailbreakme did not use a bootrom exploit. The first part was a code elevation exploit using the Safari browser (the "PDF vulnerability"). Apple patched THAT part with 4.0.2. Because it was purely a userland exploit, the second part was the trick was for keeping it active in userland after a reboot, which Apple DID NOT PATCH. This is the one where you see a bit of corruption on the Apple logo splash screen due to the coders temporarily using the framebuffer to store/preserve their code. They did not patch it probably because they had already blocked the only exploit known to use it and they planned to patch it fully in the next major release (4.2, most likely). It was NOT a new exploit. Geohot expressed surprise that it even still worked. That is why it made sense to use.

    iBoot uses the same code base as Apple's current bootrom but can be updated, so an exploit in the bootrom and iBoot will not necessarily persist through reboots (tethered JB) once Apple fixes it in iBoot. Because Apple already fixed Geohot's new exploit in iBoot before he ever released it, it meant that they were going to fix it in future bootroms even if he NEVER released his JB. This is why it made sense to burn his exploit now and not SHAtter.


    Thanks for clearing that up, if all the developers had explained this at the start there wouldn't have been so much negative feeling on all the forums

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    Just another great tool.
    Was waiting for it for my 3gs.
    Works just fine.


    PS: I still wish people would stop conplaining all the time while getting work complitely for free from guys whi take the time to develop those things.

    Greetz to all

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    Furious nerds... What a comedy. I don't really know what's the big deal about this whole farce.

    I can safely say that the alleged stealing issue is just a baseless lie. Aren't the two JBs completely irrevelant to each other? Comex is the one who made limera1n possible, not p0sixninja or any other imbecile from the dev. And even here, the exploit was not stolen, it was given.

    If GeoHot really stole something, it was the release date. There's no other big deal about this whole situation, except the release date.

    Nobody turned the ChronicDev down. It's just the ChronicDev itself brainwashing you to make GeoHot look like a scapegoat; a stealing, moneyhungry bastard. p0sixninja's furious tweets are production of his jealousy. The thing he is really mad about is the fact that his self-pride and glory for being the first to release a JB for the 4.1 went down the drain. This ************ has brainwashed you ALL with his tweets about GeoHot being a thief. Seriously, what the ****? His statements aren't even making any sense.

    I don't really care what GeoHot's real goal here was; whether it was moneymaking or something else, I don't give a rat's ***. What really isn't important here is his personality. The thing we should be looking to now is that we actually have a working jailbreak now, maybe even for future generation devices. This time this situation may actually be good for the end users.

    If some unsatisfied-with-his-life-wannabe-adult will object to my true statements, I will kill him.
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    when is it coming out for mac?
    dont you hate it when someones signature looks like someones post?

    what a game

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    INTERESTING UPDATE: has had the line "beta iOS's not supported" (referring to the 4.2 betas) replaced with "hacktivates". The page doesn't say the beta iOS's are unsupported anymore..

    I wonder if that means the 4.2 betas are supported (see: jailbreaking 4.2 beta iPad iOS release) or if this is just an oversight on Geo's part? Would anyone with an iPad on the 4.2 beta like to take one for the team and give it a shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandremix View Post
    Macbook Pro
    Windows 7 ultimate PC
    iPhone 3GS new boot rom @ 4.0 jailbroken with JailbreakMe

    1. Backed up contacts and apps
    2. Fresh restore using thefirmwareubrella tss server to 4.0 on MacBook Pro
    3. Moved over to Windows PC.
    4. Opened Itunes
    5. downloaded limera1n
    6. ran limera1n
    7. Followed all directions in Jailbreak box!
    8. jailbreak finished
    9. clicked on white limera1n app on iPhone 3GS
    10. installed cydia
    11. cydia did not show up after install
    12. restarted iPhone 3GS and cydia is no visible.
    13. opened cydia
    14. let cydia do its thing and restarted by itself.
    15. went back into cydia and everything now works.

    Im sure you wont need a MacBook Pro to do this. It should work with a PC. I just had my MacBook Pro on and decided to do this while my PC was turning on. Also, I chose to stick to 4.0 Firmware to keep my unlock

    Now Im just waiting on pwnagetool or sn0wbreeze to safely update to 4.1 and beyond firmware to keep my UNLOCK.
    So what you're saying is, this would work for me since I have a MAC and can find a pc to do this yeah?

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    Quote Originally Posted by callmetj View Post
    is any one else that uses bite sms experiencing crashing when trying to open the app (not when using the quick reply/send)
    Yes, 4.99 crashes but 5.0 beta works fine.

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    I am trying to download infinifolders on 4.1, but keep getting host unreachable from the repo. Anyone else having trouble with the repo?

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    All went good on IP4 restored Cydia app with PKGBackup (took a long time to start). Some Icons white but re intalled one app and all was good.

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    i wish 4.1 worked on the ipad F U apple whats the hold up!!! I am already JB on 3.2.1 but no reason to upgrade to 3.2.2 to jb cuz that just closes the Jailbreakme exploit. Boooo get with it apple!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViiOLENT.HD// View Post
    From one standpoint what George did was smart, he made the dev team save a better and less known exploit for later devices. But on the other hand he TOTALLY f***** with everyone. IDK what to make of it but it was good and bad. Dont trash on him because at least for now this is what it is.

    Less known? SHAtter isnt a less known exploit

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    Quote Originally Posted by smuggler View Post
    F george hotz, cocky b4stard, why would he do this? He's f'in it up for everybody, everyone should boycott his tool, screw him, chronic dev team works as a team and doesn't put out buggy tools

    I pretty much agree with you, but for the people that need a Jailbreak for their, device, they won't boycott it and just keep waiting. Luckily I don't need it, and I don't intend to upgrade the firmware on my iPhone 4 anytime soon.

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    Default Cydia won't download anything
    I have a iPhone 3GS 4.1 and I downloaded limera1n and put Cydia but everytime I try to install something from Cydia it tells me:
    "Essent upgrade
    One or more essential packaged are currently out of date. If these upgrades are not performed you are likely to encounter errors." then it gives me these three options:
    Upgrade essential
    Complete upgrade
    Ignore (temporary)

    I clicked both upgrade essential and complete upgrade but then another pop up comes up saying
    "Removing essentials
    This operation involves the removal of one or more packages that are required for the continued operation of either cydia or iPhoneOS. If you continue, you may not be able to use cydia to repair any damage. Then it gives me two options:
    Cancel operation (safe)
    Force removal (unsafe).

    What should I do to fix this because I really want to use cydia but I don't want to delete anything that will force me to never be able to use it again. Can anyone please help me with this??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_Xiavia View Post
    So what you're saying is, this would work for me since I have a MAC and can find a pc to do this yeah?
    After reading endless threads, you do not even need a MAC to do this. I just used mine because it was on at the time and my pc was still booting up. As with all Jailbreaks it is always best to do a Fresh Firmware install. Now, if you want to use your MAC to do that it is up to you. But as of now, the only way to jailbreak with limera1n is to do it with a PC. You can do everything with a PC if you wanted. The limera1n file is small. All the PC needs is iTunes on while you do the jailbreak.

    I am not saying my methods are the correct/only way. I just posted how I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS. I would recommend my steps because they worked for me. But remember, I did not push any buttons or click any icons during your jailbreak process so I cannot be held responsible for any outcome good or bad.

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    I'm totally fine with what geohot did- SHAtter is the ace in the hole for all of us, and geohot knew it- I'm glad he looks out for us /end users/- his tools are solid and he backs them up, much like the Apple products we all use and this whole thing is based around- I'll gladly use lime when the MAC version is out, and I'll donate at that time as well- thanks geo, keep it up and I'm glad you're still around- don't let all these naysayers get you down- they should be quicker to read and slower to reply--

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    Quote Originally Posted by disenchanted View Post
    Yes, 4.99 crashes but 5.0 beta works fine.
    where did you get 5.0 beta and how to install it

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    does limera1n work on 3gs 3.1.2, firm 5.11.07, phone already jb but tethered. Will this untether the phone if installed?

    Well someone said it works BUT I tried three times and everytime it said finished and untethered. BUT would not restart without running Blackra1n.

    So does anyone have the new boot on 3GS 3.1.2 & firmware 5.11.07 working untethered ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mik111 View Post
    excuse me guys...i've iphone OTB 4.1 from usa and i'm in italy so no way to activate it...does limera1n work the same??it seems that something happen when i lunch the app but at the end i'm always on the activation screen..****..Thanks
    No promises, but look for an address book sim online (I tried to upload a pic from the MMi app, but it won't let me--admins??). Put that in while you run limera1n. Fire up cydia, download lockdownd and unlock if it becomes available for your baseband, now pop in your sim. It won't work if there's no unlock but it should be hacktivated at least.

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    For the love of god can everyone stop writing MAC? jfc people. It's Mac. Short for Macintosh. A type of apple.

    MAC = media access control. Not a type of computer.

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