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Thread: Limera1n is Live!

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    Epic win thanks geohot, it's really sad how the dev team wants to short change us


    If I have helped you then thank me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 05VIIII View Post
    Iv been monitoring my phone with this jailbreak and it seems to try to send out personal information??? Any one else notice this? Tries to send out phone numbers, note, SMS, MMS to a server. I'll dig a little deeper and see what's goig on.

    By the way my phone is a fresh 4.1 limera1n jailbreak. Nothing else installed but cydia
    Can anyone else confirm this

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    If you start at page one and try to read every comment you may never make it to the end of this thread.

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    thanks geo, just did the update and it was smooth as ever!!!!

    i do have a question though? on his site it says is unpatched and will work for future updates? can someone elaborate please

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    What's with cydia I can't get my purchase from the modmyi repo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zokunei View Post
    EVERYONE! If Limera1n won't work, Have iTunes open at the same time. I think it's supposed to happen automagically, but sometimes it doesn't. It worked for me when I reran Beta 4 over Beta 1. I noticed that I had to try Limera1n three times on beta 1, and on the time it worked, it opened iTunes.
    Also, you need to have iTunes installed for it to work. I think this may be some BootCamp and VM users' problems. It would not work for me until I installed iTunes and the proper drivers were loaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjb5099 View Post
    Epic win thanks geohot, it's really sad how the dev team wants to short change us

    How is the dev team short changing you?

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    Anyone done a 3GS on 4.0.2? I want it JB without updating the baseband so I can unlock. TU only works with the iPhone 4 to update the firmware without updating the baseband.

    So anyone limera1ned a 3GS at 4.0.2 and had it successfully jailbreak without updating you to 4.1?

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    i tried limerain 5 times on 3gs it says jailbroken but theres no icon at all

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    Is there a mac version for release?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaintTheSkyGrey View Post
    Also, you need to have iTunes installed for it to work. I think this may be some BootCamp and VM users' problems. It would not work for me until I installed iTunes and the proper drivers were loaded.
    That's because it needs the drivers for when the iphone goes into recovery mode. Those drivers are installed when you install itunes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakinah View Post
    i tried limerain 5 times on 3gs it says jailbroken but theres no icon at all
    Did you try re-booting your phone
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Just JB'ed the iphone 4 with 4.1..I didnt run into any problems at all, install went smoothly. Used windows 7 and ran limera1n as an administrator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyrob2g View Post
    I was under the impression it was just a jig clone, I have Jb a friend ps3 with his iphone 3g. I wont JB mine. I want PSN. Geohot did sreww the ps3 scene over you cant deny that.
    Uhh... yeah I can. Firstly, Sony is the one who removed OtherOS. Secondly, it is thanks to his advice ("Do not update!") that I still have OtherOS. Secondly, he is directly responsible for the current PS3 jailbreak devices in the sense that they wouldn't exist without his work. They very obviously used a PS3 that had been hacked with Geohot's method when developing it. He created the scene. He did not "screw" it over. Sony's actions only proved that it wasn't worth his time but Sony is the only one to blame. Now we have Marcan's AsbestOS Linux with more hardware access than OtherOS ever had without Geohot's hack. Although others were more directly responsible and deserving of thanks, it's all ultimately thanks to Geohot.

    Quote Originally Posted by 05VIIII View Post
    Iv been monitoring my phone with this jailbreak and it seems to try to send out personal information??? Any one else notice this? Tries to send out phone numbers, note, SMS, MMS to a server. I'll dig a little deeper and see what's goig on.

    By the way my phone is a fresh 4.1 limera1n jailbreak. Nothing else installed but cydia
    Sounds like some other app of yours. Pretty serious. You should investigate.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyrob2g View Post
    According to a buddy of mine, He cant get to his root partition in Diskaid with Limera1n.
    A "buddy of yours?" Hmm... you refuse to use it but a "buddy" of yours takes a leap of faith and can't ask the questions himself? Very suspect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    For everyone who thinks that Limera1n uses the jailbreakme exploit you are sadly mistaken. Apple patched that with 4.0.2. Limera1n uses a NEW exploit also developed by comex to untether both SHAter and Limera1n.

    There are 2 stages to these jailbreaks. First is the bootrom exploit which gains root access. After this you need an iboot exploit or userland exploit to untether it.

    Sent from my iPhone using ModMyi
    You are only partially right. Firstly, Jailbreakme did not use a bootrom exploit. The first part was a code elevation exploit using the Safari browser (the "PDF vulnerability"). Apple patched THAT part with 4.0.2. Because it was purely a userland exploit, the second part was the trick was for keeping it active in userland after a reboot, which Apple DID NOT PATCH. This is the one where you see a bit of corruption on the Apple logo splash screen due to the coders temporarily using the framebuffer to store/preserve their code. They did not patch it probably because they had already blocked the only exploit known to use it and they planned to patch it fully in the next major release (4.2, most likely). It was NOT a new exploit. Geohot expressed surprise that it even still worked. That is why it made sense to use.

    iBoot uses the same code base as Apple's current bootrom but can be updated, so an exploit in the bootrom and iBoot will not necessarily persist through reboots (tethered JB) once Apple fixes it in iBoot. Because Apple already fixed Geohot's new exploit in iBoot before he ever released it, it meant that they were going to fix it in future bootroms even if he NEVER released his JB. This is why it made sense to burn his exploit now and not SHAtter.
    #1210054 - Pastie

    "iBoot and bootrom are based on same code, and geohot says newer iBoots show his hole fixed (so next bootrom will be fixed too)".

    What is meant with this? Well, both iBoot and bootrom are based on the same code. Geohot found this vulnerability a while ago when both iBoot and bootrom contained the code that made them vulnerable. Likely, Apple noticed (by testing their own code) that iBoot and bootrom contained bad code. They fixed it in iBoot, but not in the bootrom (since it's read-only). Geohot noticed that the code was fixed in a later revisions of iBoot, so that hinted that the next bootrom (hardware) revision will contain the fix as well. iPad 2G and iPhone 5G will very likely not be vulnerable anymore for geohots bootrom exploit.

    That's pretty much why he wants to release *his* tool now, instead of the SHAtter exploit, so that SHAtter can be used for the next iOS devices.

    I hope this cleared things up.
    Comex's untether exploit was updated for iOS4.1, but it wasn't "new." It was the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyrob2g View Post
    Im ******** because he is a thief and screwed over a dev team who has been working very hard.
    We already established that this wasn't true.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyrob2g View Post
    I think this post made the least sense ever, But i Think I kinda got what you mean,
    Okay First Geohot is not a hero, He is a thief, No new Exploit Just one stolen from comex, One given to Geo in confidence.
    First: Stop saying that. It isn't true. We've established that. You know it.

    Second, the brings me back to this:
    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyrob2g View Post
    CZroe, we are just going to keep butting heads here. You seem to not mind geohot and I have disliked him for awhile. We both have different views about those tweets. Let's just agree to disagree and enjoy our iPhones. We don't need infractions for arguing in the thread. But thanks for taking the time to debate this with me.
    Hmm... you say this and then abuse the "Thanks!" button by "thanking" established untruths and insults. You just wanted to shut me up so you could ignore everything I said and keep trolling instead of listening to the truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by NessLookAlike View Post
    Yeah pretty much, you seem to be getting the gist of it.

    The ChronicDev team had been working on the jailbreak for a long time, bug tested it, made sure it worked with all devices, announced a release date, and had it good to go, but then Geohot dicked them over by releasing his exploit [purposely] a day before ChronicDev did. Due to the nature of "the business" and knowing that there are only a finite number of exploits for iDevices, ChronicDev is then forced to delay their release for god-only-knows-how-long and with no guarantee it will even WORK on future iDevices - and that sucks no matter how you cut it. I dunno how many of you are developers or how many of you could understand how much of a ***** move this was on Geohot's part, but imagine that you worked for MONTHS and MONTHS on something that

    1. you knew you wouldn't get paid for
    2. you relentlessly had to answer questions about from noobs
    3. you wanted to be 100% perfect at release date

    and imagine all of that work dashed in an instant by an egotistical little f*** who

    1. doesn't care about the community in the slightest
    2. wants money donations
    3. gives people no technical support at all and doesn't help noobs
    4. didn't care enough to completely bug test prior to release

    and you should understand what ChronicDev is going through.

    The facts:
    • ChronicDev is pissed right now, and for good reason
    • Geohot dicked over ChronicDev, purposely
    • Geohot wants money
    • Geohot is an egotistical little f***
    • Geohot released a buggy tool
    • limera1n does NOT jailbreak iPad with 4.2 beta iOS, unfortunately
    • As much as we are pleased to have and use limera1n now, we can still appreciate the work of the author but despise his personality

    Done, and done. That's all there is to it. Enjoy your limera1n jailbreaks, and /thread.
    Sorry, but you have several things exactly backwards. I'm sure you simply didn't know that Geohots exploit was already patched in 4.2's iBoot so it was already coming in the next bootrom while SHAtter was not yet patched and was the only one that made sense to keep for later. Once you understand that, you see that all the other motivations you listed are backwars, especially the one about not caring about the community and the one about bug testing... this was about releasing the exploit in beta form for the exploit's sake; it isn't ready for us to use and so we shouldn't really be using it. Holding that against him is just silly because he really had no choice if he wanted to protect SHAtter. Please understand that Chronic Dev was rushing their release to beat Geohot as well, it was just all "behind the scenes" and you only because aware of it after they announced a release date.

    Quote Originally Posted by SoraLimit View Post
    I think you need to read up on the jailbreak scene more. Green poison was at the final stages of release with the SHAtter exploit and even set to release today, but geohotz released a different exploit which if greenpoison/shatter was released, would have made Apple fix both exploits.

    So the dev team had to postpone and use geohotz version of greenpoison. And limera1n is still very buggy.

    EDIT: I guess the only good geohotz did was hide the more stable jailbreak from Apple and made Apple fix his version.
    Don't forget, Geohot's exploit was already patched in 4.2's iBoot which meant that it was already going to be patched in the next bootrom. SHAtter was not yet patched. If only SHAtter were released, they would BOTH be patched in the next bootrom. That's why Geohot suddenly had to beat SHAtter to the field so that they would hold it despite GP being at the final stages. Also, GP wasn't quite as close as people think. Granted, it was a lot closer, hence them being resistant/hesitant to accept Geohot's exploit, but the release date was more because of the behind-the-scenes race with Geohot than anything else. Neither would have been released this weekend otherwise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gu1tarded View Post
    I agree completely. Geohot couldve postponed his or worked with Dev team. Why burn 2 exploits. Dev team was the bigger man in this picture. Geohot does great work but this was a move that he made at the risk of looking jealous. I appreciate and donate. But, my hats off to the Dev team for stepping out of the "limelight" for respect to all of us users and Geohot. They are wise for waiting on applying this exploit. And jailbreaking shouldn't be used for piracy, only unlocking the abilities that apple restricts. Thanks for your posts.
    Actually, no. That was the whole point. If Geohot waited, BOTH exploits would have been patched in he next bootrom. iBoot is based on the bootrom code and it was already fixed in 4.2's iBoot, so Apple already knew about Lime's exploit and Green's would have made them aware of both even if Geohot never released anything. I wish he would have explained this when releasing it but I guess he's a busy man and isn't doing much to protect his image despite his reputation for being a big ego.

    Quote Originally Posted by halten77 View Post
    geohot caused the greenpois0n delay... unfortunately...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BboyAirrick View Post
    This took a while
    To post. Its been out for a few hours already. And there might be delay on greenpois0n.
    why would you want to wait for GP when limera1n works flawlessly?
    One man team done it again, talking about running in circles around the *other guys*
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    Default help!!
    excuse me guys...i've iphone OTB 4.1 from usa and i'm in italy so no way to activate it...does limera1n work the same??it seems that something happen when i lunch the app but at the end i'm always on the activation screen..****..Thanks

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    worked fine for me on iphone 4 via Parallels for mac 6 using windows 7. I saw someone say it didn't work with fusion. So for mac owners who have bootcamp or parallels, worked great.

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    For those having the no icon problems, if during the jailbreak process you don't see the Limera1n image on your iphone screen(think apple logo on reboot) it did not run successfully. Even if the status box says it is jailbroken, you will need to run it again. Think my problem was I had the automatically open itunes when connected disabled so itunes was not running in the background. On my iPhone 4 4.1 I had to run it 4 times for it to work, the 4th time I manually opened itunes in the background and it worked.

    For those with more knowledge than I, I am jailbroken with Beta 2 version. Geo is now up to version 4, I'm not sure what the respring fix is on his changelog and the rest seems to be either different phone fix or icon removal, neither of which concerns me. Is there anything different for the iPhone 4 4.1 from beta 4 that was not in beta 2? If so, can I safely just download the newest version and overwrite my current JB without having to do a fresh restore and redownload everything from cydia?


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    geohot is the man, once again he did it. I knew he wasn't going to just quit like that. Thanks man. Limera1n worked like a charm, no problems here at all. Now I can't wait for the unlock to come out for BB 02.10.04

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_Xiavia View Post
    At least he didn't release it for a MAC first then windows.

    I think this is the first time I can honestly say that unfortunately I only use a mac.

    I'm patiently waiting though.
    Beta 4 is out for mac as well
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