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Thread: Limera1n is Live!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrylmao View Post
    thanks for the reply. will do so
    Go to bitesms support page and there is a link to add to Cydia that allows u to download 5.0 that is in beta testing and it works fine!

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    I have installed limra1n on 3 iPhone 4's and have not had any issues. Below are the models of the 4's along with the firmware.

    Model mc318LL firm. 4.1
    Model mc310LL firm. 4.1
    Model mc308LL firm. 4.02 & 4.1

    Good job geohot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Funked View Post
    Ok, so it's like the 4th beta released now? Lucky I didn't make it ra1n last night when it first got released. I'm guessing it's still going to be a buggy piece of crap, beta's should never be released to the public.

    Oh well, since egohot has single handedly delayed greenpois0n, I guess I'll use limera1n. I just can't wait any longer. So here's my questions:

    Anyone with an iPhone 4 get a smooth jb with limera1n? No issues like lost wifi, bluetooth, mms, etc? Has your iPhone 4 crashed since jaulbreaking with limera1n? Sorry for the questions, but I read through 20+ pages of comments last night on a topic, and its 11AM now so I don't feel too much like doing it again lol.
    Jb my iPhone 4 last night as soon as it came out and everything went fine! No crashing, had to reboot to get rid of White box for limera1n and Cydia but all works!

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    It worked out once I got my iPhone 4 to finally upgrade to 4.1

    [tutorial on

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    Quote Originally Posted by scroogelives View Post
    Go to bitesms support page and there is a link to add to Cydia that allows u to download 5.0 that is in beta testing and it works fine!
    Thanks, I was worried when BiteSMS 4.9 crashed every time I launched it, but the new 5.0 beta works great!

    Release 5.0 (beta 9) out now.. - biteSMS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tizocman View Post
    You need to fix your link.

    EDIT: link fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayvidpriddy View Post
    Did some digging and according to dev-team there is already an unlock for 4.1 however they will not release it until 4.2 is released by Apple. So looks like there will be an unlock soon boys and girls...Nov or Dec prolly. Back to T-Mobile I go, tired of AT&T's bs data plans/pricing (including text messages.)
    WHAAAAA?? Where did you read this?! Link me please. Awesome news if true..

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    Guys I need major help, I jailbroke my iphone 4 which was on 4.1 using Limerain, after I switched it on and opened Cydia, Cydia was reorganizing then the iphone 4 went off and will not boot up aagain! It comes up the apple logo and the spinning loading circle over the logo and it keeps vibrating like when its connected to the PC, like its coming on and off very quickly. Ive tried re jailbreaking over and over for an hour and used tiny umbrella to try and kick it out of recovery mode after using Limerain to put it into recovery mode. I cannot restore, I have too much on the iphone 4 and I for the life of me cannot find any evidence on the internet that this happened to someone else, just seems to be me, any ideas whatso ever guys??

    Im desperate to ge t this phone working!

    Thanks a lot!

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    I decided to take the risk and use limera1n on my iPhone 4 running 4.1. So far so good, no problems to be reported. The only thing I've found, is that I can't change my default password for OpenSSH. I tried doing it on WinSCP (since MobileTerminal isn't compatible with 4.x yet) but it just times out everytime I enter the command. I guess this isn't a huge issue yet, as I can just turn SSH off via SBSettings. I'll update this if I find any problems.

    iPad 2 16GB Wifi iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe
    iPhone 4S 16GB iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe

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    iPad 3.2.2 jailbroken with limera1n beta 4.

    So far so good.

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    anyway aint got no time for ********... its works for me and i can finally use my I4 on t-mobile ...thank you very much

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    3gs new bootrom, worked perfect! thanks

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    Worked like a charm. Have been using Limera1n since yesterday with no problems. Thanks GEO.

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    Nothing happened....

    Tried it a fiew times and on my laptop..... nothing, restored and tried again, still nothing......


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    Not sure where all the problems are coming from (i4 users) - my JB and unlock (baseband restore through TinyUmbrella) worked like a charm.

    No FolderEnhancer or RemoveBackground currently... those should be added soon (I know FE will be in the next update); other than those two minor things, flawless. Time upgrading to 4.1 aside, the whole thing took less than a minute minute.
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    Default BiteSMS
    Im running 4.1 on a 3GS New Bootrom, working great. And for your information, BiteSMS beta works with 4.1 it is at this repo-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Chaos View Post
    Nothing happened....

    Tried it a fiew times and on my laptop..... nothing, restored and tried again, still nothing......

    Dave, I had the same problem, I think it's when you see the Exploit sign appear, that's when you have to release the home button, I think I was hanging onto it to long. That might be happening to you as well.

    I had three goes at it and that seemed to work for me..

    All's good so far.

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    Got to work on iPhone 4 but tried on 2 3GS 4.1 and not work
    3gs iPhone 32gb-Jailbroken factory unlocked
    iPhone 4 jailbroken & factory unlocked

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    does this jailbreak without having to re-sync everything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laz305 View Post
    does this jailbreak without having to re-sync everything?

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