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Thread: Napster Releases iOS App

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    Default Napster Releases iOS App

    Napster, the former outlaw peer-to-peer file sharing service turned Best Buy subsidiary, now has an iOS app that will provide legal streaming access to the 10 million-plus tracks in the company's catalog. While the app is free, you do need to pay a monthly subscription, and downloaded songs will evaporate once you stop paying. The app's functions are minimal, but it's a pretty good option if you've been waiting for a US version of Spotify or iTunes-in-the-cloud.

    You may recall that Napster had gotten into hot water back at the turn of the century when they were sued by a bunch of record labels for copyright infringement. The company eventually went legit and got bought up by Best Buy, and now has nearly a million users and over 10 million tracks including brand new releases as well as Billboard hits going all the way back to 1955. The mobile service allows subscribers to stream music to their browser or to the app, and you can search for tracks or artists, play and save songs, and make playlists as well as stream pre-made playlists already on Napster. There's also "Automix," Napster's version of the familiar Genius/Pandora/ auto-generated playlist.

    The "Napster plus Mobile Access" subscription will run you $10 per month, or you can buy a yearly plan for $96. This will give you unlimited access to Napster's catalog on your iOS device or on the web from any browser, but any songs you saved will only be playable for as long as you keep your membership current.

    Source: CNET

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    Its nice that you can pay by the month or year... would I want this app? No....

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    This is a little too late.

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    The app doesn't look appealing enough to pay for the service.

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    Wickety Wack! lol

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    why pay for this? just use pandora? this is a little too late, you r absolutely correct zozodouce

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
    Its nice that you can pay by the month or year... would I want this app? No....
    Id like it if itunes did this, but I don't want to be paying for iTunes and napster. Wasn't the point of Napster to save you money

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    No thank..

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    does anyone use napster?

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    It's a nice song though, but I'm also not gonna use this app

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    Quote Originally Posted by leathelisor View Post
    does anyone use napster?
    I do believe the article stated that there were nearly one million users so yea I think so...

    Not that I'll be getting this app.

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    Default napster? lol
    this is oldschool!!! Id rather use Pandora,Aol Radio,Iheart radio or even slackers...etc...etc....

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    'Subscription required' appz = ugh! Streaming tunes don't sound as good (too much file compression) anyways, plus whenever I need music I just hit up usenet. = Fail.

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    I thought Napster went bankrupt after the Metallica lawsuit...but, now I know what happened to them now.

    I won't get this app. Their fees are outrageous!
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    i downloaded the app then asked me for all this credit card info blah blah blah..soon as i saw the credit card info i gave up an deleted the app didnt want to bother with..just use pandora

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    Napster has actually been doing pretty good lately as an alternative to iTunes. This is just an iOS portal for current customers mainly, much like Netflix and Hulu+ have their own "free" apps (that require a monthly subscription as well). So cool for people who use Napster, for us that don't it's another app we can skip.

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    never thought id see the day when napster runs on an iphone

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    I'm actually really considering this.

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    UI doesnt look as good as rdio. I think I will just stick with it

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    No need for Napster, Mewseek is the bee's knees! .....I just noticed that Mewseek even stole the Napster cat logo.

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