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Thread: iOS 4.2 Packs Even More New Features for iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeal View Post
    Please give me the ability to place a password on my SMS and Photos -_-

    I presume you're talking of having this built into the stock iOS....that'll be great, though if you're jailbroken, locktopus from cydia gives you the ability to selectively lock apps...

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    The 4.1 jailbreak is a bootrom exploit from what i have read. So when 4.2 comes available the devs would have to rewrite some code to make it work . I wouldnt see why the devs would wait til 4.2 to release a jailbreak, as the exploit cant be fixed without new hardware

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    +1 for the find in page for safari, don't really care for the findinpage bookmarklet in cydia. Also with ability to have custom SMS tones for contacts I hope we get the ability to have more than the 6 available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradda View Post
    What about some new options in the message app like a cancel button when you accidentally send a message to the wrong person or you made a mistake on the wordings you have made, also a timer to send a pre text for later sending...


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    Which app gives you the ability to set individual message tones?

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    Going from SMS to Facetime is not all that complicated in the first place, it takes only three taps:

    1. Tap on statusbar to scroll to the top of the messages
    2. Tap on button "Contact Info"
    3. Tap on button "Facetime"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolandgabor View Post
    How about email attachment?
    How about Bluetooth file transfer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeezaPi View Post
    +1 for the find in page for safari, don't really care for the findinpage bookmarklet in cydia. Also with ability to have custom SMS tones for contacts I hope we get the ability to have more than the 6 available.
    actionmenu has a find in page feature.
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    Instead of just adding the Like system to the youtube app. Why can't they just fix the whole app first? There are several videos that can't be played and some can't be found. And the results are messed up sometimes...

    Until this is fixed I'm using the mobile version of Youtube on's much better.

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    Screw the like and dislike button add on to YouTube, put the damn HD button on there so we can actually see it clear without being on wifi like there mobile site does! Very lame just adding the like dislike button! Looks like I'm stuck with the mobile version yet again

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    Apple can't make me stop my jailbreak. I'm a rebel. plus i need ultrasn0w. Lol

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    iOS 4.2 brings MIDI support!!

    (and about jailbreak: i need one for 4.1 asap, as I got a 4.0.2 iphone 4 in the US and leave in a month back to Europe, where I need it unlocked

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    YES! About time I can search through safari.

    Now there's about 100 features left so I don't have to jailbreak :P

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    If I upgrade to 4.2 when the new JB for iphone 4 comes out, will I get 4.1 features too?

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    I like the improvements with the text tones and the search in safari, not enough to kill my jailbreak though. Because themes and other tweaks like sbsettings will always win over what apple does.

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    very nice cant wait.

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    if you jailbreak you can do this with locktopus

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    How about the ability to use your ipod songs as ringtones and for text messages? I'd greatly appreciate that oh and default quick reply messaging. Yeah i know it's in jailbreak but i don't feel like spending $14 for a simple function. Yeah i know i bought the expensive iPhone so what... i still like having simple default function.

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    Would be nice if they would get off their asses and get rid of the ridiculously stupid popups that bring everything to a grinding halt. I'll bet $10 that the SMS tines you can set for each person will either be the same six that we already have, which will be awesome having 60 contacts to assign them to, OR they will be nice enough to sell them to you through iTunes. iOS development is moving way too slow, all of this should've been there in iOS 3 at the latest. Won't rely on Apple for anything useful, I'll stick to buying functionality from jailbreak devs. They actually care and think their apps and tweaks through.
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    ok if it was an update for bug fixes I'd think about it. More feature? Nah, I get with Cydia apps already. Looks like I'll be on 4.0 until 5.0 lol.
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    Why would anyone want to use a iPod song for text messages? Imagine getting 3 or 4 texts at a time..... Or listening to a 3 minute song for a 5 letter text.... Not worth it......

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