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Thread: "Traitorware:" EFF Warns About Apple Patent

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    Great scare campaign. There's no way on earth this would be allowed in most countries with strong privacy legislation. Has not remote access been a feature for the owner to track a stolen phone? Well then this would be an enhancement of this would it not? If the owner of a phone has access to this, there's no problem. To suggest it's a feature only so apple can track what users are doing is complete bull. Again, it wouldn't pass privacy laws in most countries. The conspiracy theorists eat this rubbish for breakfast, I'm not swallowing it for a second.

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    Steve Jobs reminds of of Hitler, except he is trying to genocide the competition. I know I'll be switching to Android if this ever launches. I know that it probably will never launch in Canada due to our crazy technology laws and privacy laws, but still, they will lose millions of people by launching this. Someone should just assassinate him and save the world, Steve Jobs is showing us that Skynet is in the works and that all living organisms will be destroyed. I'm sure he is even working on a replacement for his brain and body to be completely cybernetic. Destroy HIM before he destroys US!!!
    Ummm, mods, when is this ^^^ acceptable? This is the garbage that pollutes this site.
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    is there a GPS coordinate for center of the earth? I want to transmit that and a Jules Verne picture sleeping on a hammock and a TRex about to attack him.

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    here you go buddy hopes this helps

    Bill Gates Calls for Population Reduction
    Alex Jones is a nut case.

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    How many times does Steve Jobs need to **** on us before we say enough is enough...

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    Soo true dude...

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    Quote Originally Posted by billmilo View Post
    I've never understood why Apple or anybody wants to make more money.

    Once you reach a certain amount of money, you don't need anymore of it to take care of all your expenses. I don't understand why some people are multimillionaires of even billionaires.
    . Yea but apple has tens of trillions

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