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Thread: iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock is Released!

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    So I did the JB and unlock and it worked perfect, as far as a phone goes!

    Only downside is facetime is "waiting for activation," I have no Cellular Data Network tab under my network, and MMS will not send.

    It seems this is the same problem for a lot of people. Anyone have any way of fixing this? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rafsterman View Post
    Awesome news but when I put my Vodafone microsim into my my locked Orange iPhone4 after running Ultrasn0w it just shows 'No Service'..

    I've resprung and rebooted but no joy. Orange sim still works fine if I put it back in there though.

    Any ideas anyone?
    hey i was wondering are you from the UK? because i only unlocked my phone for the UK and i heard orange and 02 are the best for service out there. which do you recommend for a 10 day trip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixEcho1 View Post
    Real noob question here:
    Will getting this unlock make my iphone 4 not work with ATT anymore? Im asking cause i will be using a different carrier once i cancel my contract in 3 months. Or should i just wait until then to unlock?

    It will still work with ATT. I just did it ob my iPhone 4 and it works with ATT. I don't have another SIM to actually see if it is unlocked though. I just unlocked it because I travel overseas sometimes and buy SIM cards when I am overseas.

    Now the iPhone 4 has the small SIM cards, so it will be a pain to cut the regular sized SIM cards to fit.

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    Yes I'm from the UK, depends what you mean best for service? If you are talking about coverage I've generally found 02 to have the best signal consistently.

    Pay as you go prices are much of a muchness as far as I know but I have a contract so couldn't tell you for sure.

    Hope this helps you.

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    wow, finally someone else. I am having the same problem with MMS. Not sure about facetime, dont have anyone to facetime with and I have My3G installed and it opens right away when I try to facetime (kinda cool).

    I would really like a fix for MMS though. Is there a work around for it? I guess I can just uninstall it and install it when I want to.

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    It's nice to see you back, Melech.
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!

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    can the 3gs new bootrom 5.11.07 ios4.01 be unlocked as well?

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    Yes, but why is your BB still at 05.11.07. Best to do a clean restore to iOS4.01 which will update your BB to 05.13.04 first
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azxken View Post
    Anyone has clear instruction on how to cut a sim card?
    + 1

    Looking for a good guide as well. My sim contacts are alot bigger than the AT&T sim contacts.

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    but i dont have a sim to activate my phone..will i need to activate it?
    is there any other way to activate it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moliko View Post
    when i disable the Wifi and tried the face time i got msg that i need to connect to a wifi to use face time ???
    any one faced this issue ?
    you need wifi to use facetime unless you are running my3g which then you can use facetime over 3g

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    cydia shows .93 ultrasn0w, I keep getting errors when adding the repo

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    I also get the 404 NotFound error when I try connect to I also do not see 1.0 version on Ultrasn0w in the repository. So I was going to unlock my old 3G and this is where the error comes from.

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    I think it is the dumbest thing to use it on T-mobile slow ***** network who cant even handle AT&T faster data..!!! broke ***** people who have bad credit I guess.!!!!
    Dont be that guy..!!!

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    I'm getting this error when I try adding repo every time

    sub-process /bin/bzip2 returned error code 2

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    i am using 3gs new bootrom 3.1.2
    when i update to ios4.01 will i be able to jailbreak n unlock?
    will i need to activate the phone first?
    i dont hav original sim as i am how can i activate it?

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    Hey I had that same problem with my tmobile USA card, I took it out and looked at it- the metal from my sim was touching the metal on the sim tray... Make sure it's not comming in contact like that and then it should work fine: mine now does!!!

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    My facetime won't work after the unluck. I uninstalled ultrasnow and it still won't work. I reset all network settings and nada.. ANy suggestions on how to fix. I am an ATT customer and I travel to Mexico frequently is why I needed the unlock.

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    Maybe a noob question, but I unlocked and if I try to download an app from the app store, I get kicked out. I've tried resetting the network connections but nothing. iPhone 4, ATT network. Just felt like unlocking. If I uninstall it's fine. Any thoughts?

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    So does this mean we won't have to see any "My iPhone 4 is an expensive iPod touch" posts anymore?

    Congrats to PlanetBeing for eating lots of #pie and making this unlock work

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