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Thread: iPhone 4 is Jailbroken aka The Return of

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    For those asking... a window should pop up that says something like "Downloading - This might take a while"... then Jailbreaking... Sit Tight.

    I couldn't get through on the mirror but the official one worked for me on both iPhone 4's.

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    I think its working!!!

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    go it! go to the site, and after it downloads, it says "jailbreaking....sit tight"

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    guys, you all need to RELAX!

    you aren't doing anything wrong.
    stop asking "how long it takes"
    "am i doing it right?"
    etc., etc.

    the servers are just overloaded at the moment because this was just released. the only way it will work is if you lay off the servers until they cool down a bit, then it will work just as easily as it did back at 1.1.1

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    great jb well done guys

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    Thanks comex whoooo! Working iPhone 4 w/ cydia in my hands is win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reanimationxp View Post
    F**k you guys, tell us how you did it. After sliding what happens and how long does it take?
    Calm down,

    After you see the wall paper youshould see a sliding downloading bar.

    Otherwise try again!

    Be patient

    Cheers mate and thanky all for JB!!!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Started the download then it just stopped. Now I get a directory page. Damn

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    w00t nice work!

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    got through on the mainsite, i am jailbroken

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    Every time i try and go use it forwards me to the modmyi mirror, and then I still but the purple screen of space

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    Default I got through using
    To anyone wanting to know what the process looks like, here are the two screenshots from my 3.2.1 iPad.

    I used the plain address, not the mirror. I can confirm it works on my iPad and iPhone 4 using 4.0.1.

    The whole process took about 1 minute on my iPad and 2 minutes on the iPhone 4.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -photo.png   -photo-1-.png  

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    Quote Originally Posted by allicatmeow View Post
    qft. all you do is complain. if you aren't going to discuss topics maturely, or help people out, just don't type at all.
    Kid, while I love your little "troll" comment I have to say that you are so very very wrong. I really do not care if I have to wait another 6 months for a jailbreak on this thing because I myself do NOT live through my CELL PHONE. Besides, I've got my IPad and it is jailbroken, so who really cares. I'm not complaining, I'm pointing out a flaw in decision making on the part of the people that decided a web based jailbreak was best. Anyone with a brain would have known that after all of the ignorant actions/comments from people who BEG for jailbreaks on a daily basis, that the servers would be down within minutes of this being announced. Now I'm sure that you have a brain that has not fully developed yet and you do not understand anything other than "black" and "white" in your sad little world but the rest of us know there is a gray area. I'm in that area by using my right to speak freely and share my thoughts on the "release" of this jailbreak. So please, take the time to TRY and defend yourself here with more school yard comments and inane little insults but at the end of the day, you couldn't keep up with me on a bad day in life and probably never will judging from your absurd "insulting response". Have a great and stay the hell out of mine you little waste of space.
    Roll Tide!

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    Connected to Seeing Jailbreaking... Sit tight and a slow moving progress bar. Awesome Work Guys!

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    mines done!!! (YAAYYYY) i am def detonating

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    So that's what took so long. Nasty. My god this is just nasty def goin to atnt tomorrow totry to buy one and also jailbreak their displays. Nasty. Eat it all you whining babies about how long it took. Just eat it.

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    after i slide to jailbreak it just shows the background and does nothing .......?

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    Ok, this how I got mine to work:

    Turned off my phone. Turned it back on. Went to and slid the slider to Jailbreak. As SOON as I did that a window said "Downloading..this may take a while" Took like 30 seconds (lucky I guess). Then the next window says "Jailbreaking... Sit tight" The process bar will show how fast it's going. I suggest re-trying the original site since it seems as though EVERYONE is trying the modmyi mirror. Good luck! -fin
    Quote Originally Posted by flash66 View Post
    Your an ignorant moron!

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    Wooooo HOOOOOOO!!!! I am jailbreaking my 3GS and its DONE!!! I used the website after clearing the History, Cookies, and Cache. Good luck to all and patience!!!! It will happen!!! Oh yeah and MOST important THANK YOU to the the people who work so darn hard to make this happen and give us all the benefit of their hard work!!!!

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