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Thread: iPhone 4 is Jailbroken aka The Return of

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    My iphone 4 is not updating anything after jailbreak, no mail, ebay, twitter, weather. Nothing updates just stays at spinning progress thing. And cydia and rock keep saying cannot connect to network.

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    i just rebooted a few times and then went into settings and checked the "phone" settings and facetime was turned off. did the same with messages setting, MMS was also turned off. try it out, see if it works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgregor View Post
    Reboot and show us your MMS Screen. I bet your MMS will be gone.
    LoL Cool!!! It's really not there!!! Hopefully we can get it back soon....

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    works great! most cydia apps won't work yet tho. tried in to install rock and mywi that i bought a few months back for the 3gs. it wouldn't install.'s repository wasn't responding. also, a respring seemed to cause some weird screen problems on the top of my phone. only when you're restarting the phone tho... i just did a full restore and the problem's gone... gonna wait a few days before installing cydia apps. just to let the dev's get up to date

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    Cannot believe it jailbreak directly from the phone no need com

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    hopefully this mms problem gets fixed soon. jailbreak was almost flawless other then the mms facetime problem. but props nonetheless for the jailbreak

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    anyone notice that in cydia when you install sources nothing shows up in the changes tab like before? Theres tons of stuff missing. MMS is gone, no facetime etc

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    Everyone reboot your phone and tell us if your mms and FaceTime is gone. (I bet it will be)

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    i restored my iphone and cydia and everything else is still there?!!! how do i get rid of it?

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    Jailbreak works great. I'll wait till next weekend when most of the important apps are updated to run on iPhone 4.

    I got my wish. biteSMS, Winterboard for a simple sound and icon, and openSSH. I'm happy for a while.

    I'm going to wait a while then I'm tackling eliminating Apple's multi-tasking for most apps

    Best of luck to everyone

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    is the modmyi repo down? i get host unreachable

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    All this does for me is crash Safari. I'm on an iPod touch 2g MC with GM iOS 4. I can't get official iOS 4 because Spirit screwed me over. Someone please help me! Thanks.

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    went into settings and checked the "phone" settings and facetime was turned off. did the same with messages setting, MMS was also turned off. try it out, see if it works!
    try this

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianlg View Post
    is the modmyi repo down? i get host unreachable
    It might be. Let's face it. EVERYTHING is getting hammered right now. Cydia & every good repo is getting slammed with #pie people

    Give it a day or two. Whatever you want to download probably doesn't work anyways

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    Pie's ready, is it tethered for any iDevice?

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    mms and facetime both are gone after rebooting your phone no matter what
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    Default What Happened!
    Jailbroke and now I have no facetime or mms??? Whats the deal?

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    I did the jailbreak and I restarded the phone and its been on the apple logo for hours now. Dont know what to do!

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    I lost MMS and Facetime just like everyone else, BUT

    I restored my phone and now its still jailbroken... MMS and Facetime are there, but i still have the pixels.

    I have restarted multiple times to confirm that MMS/Facetime are still there

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    Okay so I restored my phone, then restored from my last un-jailbroken backup - and it didn't load any of my apps [which were all in a bunch of folders nicely] nor did it load all of my music. What the hell? Restored everything else. Is there something I'm doing wrong or what?

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