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Thread: iPhone 4 is Jailbroken aka The Return of

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    Does anyone else just wish we had the same old applications that had 1 click jailbroken fun?

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    Same results

    ATT 4.0 = no facetime or mms and same green pixels on boot screen. Other then that it was super sweet to see the Cydia icon on iphone4!!!!!!

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    For those that lost MMS and Facetime, maybe if we can get hold of the newest carrier setting for the iphone we can load it to get these features not sure this will work but the carrier bundle does have to do with the MMS feature.

    Edit.. nevermind, tried and the problems still exist.
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    im greatful for the hard work but can not believe that these bugs were not worked out back to factory i go
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    I have mixed feelings about this being a Webapp. Its conveinant, sure -- but consider this:

    In order for this to work, that means there's an exploit in Safari which allows a website to take *full* control of your phone. They're using it "For good", but anyone can now take that exploit and use it for evil. A malicious website could use this same exploit to inject malware into your phone and do pretty much anything they wanted with the phone itself.

    Useful, but potentially very scary.

    On the flipside, how long before every display model iPhone/iPad is jailbroken? I hope Apple is fast to block these sites through their wifi or hilarity (they won't find it as funny) will ensue.

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    I got the MMS and Pixel problems too. I am almost done restoring and can't decide if I want to lose the picture messaging or not.

    Oh well. It is nice to know that I can get all the unapproved apps back if I choose too.

    What is the suggested donation? I know they've put alot of hard work into this.

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    FFF need to buy iphone 4 FASST. I got physics test tomorrow. too much exciting news for one day ARGGGg
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    It took a few tries but I got my iPhone 4 Jailbroken.
    I don't have any bad pixels, but it seems as though the Cydia server is now too busy.

    Edit: After rebooting, it will show those funny pixels when the Apple boot sign is up.
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    I didnt get a chance to backup my phone. If I backup my phone right now and did a clean restore and use the same backup I just did, will this bring back my mms and facetime, or I need to use my last backup I did, which was last week.

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    I can't even restore my phone back to factory in iTunes...
    iPhone 4, 4.0, AT&T...
    Keep getting an error message saying
    "This iPhone cannot be restored at this time because the iPhone software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable"

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    any one got this working on ipad ?
    i got 3.2.1 and it crashes all the time
    i did restore and still same thing
    but it did work on my iphone

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    MMS/FaceTime disappeared on me.

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    How are we gunna get FaceTime and mms back?

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    Had no trouble with Jailbreak and installing cydia "upgrade essentials". Everything is working great so far. =)

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    **SALUTE** To Devs.

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    i love you irealsms and MyWi

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmBiGuOuS626 View Post
    Had no trouble with Jailbreak and installing cydia "upgrade essentials". Everything is working great so far. =)

    Reboot and show us your MMS Screen. I bet your MMS will be gone.

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    I also lost MMS and Facetime...and I also got the bad pixel thing on the Apple bootscreen on both my iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 3rd Gen...Any ideas yet?

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    Haha it will be ^^

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    I'm jailbroken, but just recently every application I try to open crashes, and sends it into safe mode...

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