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Thread: Jailbreaking/Unlocking exempt from DMCA, aka officially legal

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    Quote Originally Posted by piston597 View Post
    So does this mean we get warranty service if we jailbreak? I mean if it's legal now, warranty is not void right?
    Sadly no the terms of a warranty are made forth by the company.

    Sweet though no more worrying while jailbreaking anymore.

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    I guess this is good news... not that it changes anything. People would jailbreak regardless of it's legality. I would anyways.

    When it comes to warranties, I don't think that this will make a difference. I've had both my iPad and iPhone 4 replaced due to screen problems. Unless the device is obviously jailbroken (themes, lockinfo, and other mods) the genius won't notice. Plus, you can always restore.

    I have a hunch that Jobs secretly loves the jailbreak community. They give him so many new ideas (iOS 4 = iOS 3 + JB mods).

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    Default This is a good day.
    I've been tweaking and geeking my hardware since PalmII; to see this announced nearly brings tears to my eyes. I have no illusions that this will change anything regarding any corp embracing the huge community pooled around alt software for various platforms in the immediate. But. It's a start, and a very good one at that.

    Apple will do what Apple needs to do along w MS and Google to some extent, to protect their IP value due to shareholder responsibility. I respect this truly, but my hardware is MINE and I only truly own what I can explore and modify, it's nice to know this is no longer possibly illegal.

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    Lots of good points made in these 7 pages. Glad I read through this thread completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
    Oh my God thank you so much for this. Their thread is absolutely hilarious!
    I've been and off and on reader of their jailbreak threads. The BS that flies around there is stuff of legend. There is so much wrong info and so many perpetuated lies there that I'm sitting here at work, in 115 degree heat index and 85% humidity with nothing to do and I'm dying of laughter rather than heat stroke. Those guys are pure comedy gold, I'd suggest every member here go and read that thread. It'll make your day that much better.

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    good news.

    but Apple can probably still deny you warranty support. it's just that now they can't sue you or something.

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    Letttt's parrtyyyyyyy!!!

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    The questions that come to my mind...
    1. Would it still be a problem to use apple copyrighted methods to When the iphone4 was first released someone jb it using apple's proprietary code. Then the dev team said it couldnt be used for that reason. Would that still stand?
    2. As far as an unlock, thats not a hardware thing is it? Seems to me apple would eventually start selling all phones with the same unlock capacity of intl iphones. Why would it benefit apple to spend time developing and manufacturing a locked and unlocked version when they could lower overhead by sticking to one version?
    3. I forgot what my 3rd question was. lol

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    awsome let the apple cry now

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    Badass, glad its official now..not that i would give a crap if it was legal or not..but now it is so YAY!

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    Yes! Apple can't do anything about other than to prevent the iDevices to be hacked.
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    Bababooey approves of this news !!!

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    LOL. I wonder how Apple feels about this.

    But truthfully, it's not such a big deal. Hundreds of thousands of people jailbreak without any consequence, I don't understand how this would have any new effect on the users, except letting their conscious rest easy knowing they can jailbreak legally.

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    as "the class of the titan" say.. quoted "RELEASE THE CRAKEN" HAHAHAH

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    Quote Originally Posted by reanimationxp View Post
    Edit: nevermind, NoodleBoy posted it first.
    Nah, Noodle Boy just pasted an article.

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    Oh man, the you know what is getting deeeeeeeep over at macrumors! Haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Why would you think that? Jailbreaking and unlocking were already considered legal before now anyways.
    considered legal by everyone? If so, then i retract my statement. However, i don't feel that is the case.

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    now its offical
    ...and i was always worried bout steve jobs knockin on my door n beatin th @$%# outa me for jailbreaking my ipod

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