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Thread: Surprise, You Really Like AT&T

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
    No one has forced you to buy the iPhone
    Oh I know. It just when you watch 3G service extend and extend yet never reach your area it gets frustrating.

    I live along the NYS Thruway. Unfortunately I live along the least populated area so I'm sure my area is not a priority.

    It'll be here soon enough I'm sure.

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    I'm happy with AT&T and their service.

    First provider I had was Airtouch, then I think I had LA Cellular, then the old AT&T, T-Mobile, and finally made the switch to Cingular/AT&T when the iPhone first came out. I've had great service by all of them. Loved T-Mobile and had great service when I had the Sidekick 2 and 3. The Sidekick was the second best phone I've ever had. Even had an App store of sorts before the iPhone.

    Being in the military and always traveling, I'll stick with a world standard, GSM. I've used my AT&T and T-Mobile phones in Afghanistan, Djibouti, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and all over Europe.

    Eventually, Verizon will be moving to LTE along with T-Mobile, AT&T and the rest of the world, so it won't matter who your provider is. They will all have roaming agreements with each other, and you will have service anywhere that at least one provider has coverage in. Mark my words.

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    ive never dropped a call on my iphone 4 i love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    Bah, GSM. It's been 3 years since people started enjoying Apple's smartphone -- even the iPhone can't entice me onto a GSM network.
    Yeah, because this makes a whole lot of sense..... And tell me why you're such a fan of CDMA?

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    I've had at&t for two years now, and have NEVER been unhappy with them. I live in St. Joseph, MO,, anyone know where that is? Now here, in our podunk town, we have 3g service and full bars Everywhere. I never lose calls. I've had Sprint, US cellular, tmobile, Ampd,, and not one of them made me happy. The only issue I've ever had was some call trouble on my 4 recently, but I can live with one hiccup.

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    i like ATT internet. hate data charges messages charges nd mins small amount. nd i hate 2 yr contract but love iphones !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agudan View Post
    blah blah blah....... BORING!!!!! who cares about these dumb topics........
    Apparently you do. You posted in this one.

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    I am very satisfied with AT&T, I get full bars at my house and in town, but in some smaller towns in Missouri I get little to no service. They shouldn't worry about rolling out their 4G network when their 3G network isn't even available to everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nofixedadderess View Post
    good lord that qualifies as thuggery , sorry dude
    Have you talked to ATT and explained this ?
    One phone call wont make them 3Gify Your place but I am sure they would cut your data rate to 20 ( the EDGE rate for the original iphone)
    No, they will certainly not. I have asked about this before. "They have no way to turn off 3G services" is what they said on multiple occasions. Now we have 3G though, so I am happy. I went more than a year paying 3G prices for Edge service. NOW they will probably just tell you to downgrade your plan to the $15/mo with the argument that this would be less expensive than even the original edge data plan.

    For what it's worth, calling them will do very little. They upgrade their twoers based on population density of people using their phones (let's face it, this statistic is probably purely based on iPhone users). They know exactly how many iPhone are connecting to a cell tower at any one time. If there are tons, they upgrade. If there are a small amount, they don't waste their money.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fhadso View Post
    I am very satisfied with AT&T, I get full bars at my house and in town, but in some smaller towns in Missouri I get little to no service. They shouldn't worry about rolling out their 4G network when their 3G network isn't even available to everyone.
    Sure they should. You make money by catering to the majority. They aren't going to put 3G in every nook and cranny of the US before moving on. That would be pretty stupid from a business standpoint.
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    cdma is actually more reliable than gsm, but both gsm and cdam have their pros and cons

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    I've had every major service provider in the U.S. They all suck, and they are all over priced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClerkDante View Post
    Proof positive that those that spend all their time whining are, in fact, in the minority.

    No network could hold up as well under the strain of all these iPhone users. The mighty Verizon's CDMA network would be brought to it's knees.

    Hell, it recently was just by a tiny Droid launch.

    Considered that under the weight of 3 million new users over a single weekend.
    I could not agree more with this guys statement. I know about 10 people who have iPhones. All of them are satisfied with AT&T. It seems like dissing on AT&T is the cool thing to do in gadget news these days. I honestly don't get it. It seems like everyone has already forgotten the PC Magazine test earlier in the year that declared AT&T the fastest most reliable network in the US (isn't that their slogan? Anyway...).
    I've said this before but, everyday after work I plug my iPhone into my Pioneer DVD head unit and stream the NBC Nightly News 30 minute podcast outputting the audio and video to the headunit over the course of a 17 mile drive from the city to the sticks. It starts playing instantly and never stops to buffer once for the while drive. And video quality is top notch even on the headunits 7 inch screen. (watching tv everyday on the interstate at 80mph isn't the safest thing to do, but that's not the point ) Just a little testimony of my AT&T experience...

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    Well I hear about all this bad AT&T service worldwide, but I never suffer those problems. I'm from San Francisco, and I don't get dropped calls often, and my 3G is only bad in downtown. AT&T is a pretty good network for me in my life so far.. Each to his own I guess. I'm happy with my iPhone and network.

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    I live in Nashville haven't really had a problem with AT&T maybe two dropped calls in a span of 5 years? The only time I had real problems with it was when the flood happened.

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    <---- Never asked me !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevmax View Post
    NO...we don't really like AT&T!
    But it is not surprising that we didn't get contacted...
    Ummmm, that's no YOU don't like at&t. My family, parents, brother's family, ect ect are all 100% happy with the service they provide and we are spread all over the country.

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    I don't see people's problem with AT&T I have service everywhere I go unless I am in the middle of nowhere. But, I did switch from Verizon a few years ago, and that was horrible, I had so many dropped calls, no service in so many places in was insane.

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    The iPhone will NEVER be on Verizon so long as Verizon is using CDMA.

    Reasons: massive redesign of the configuration and size of the iPhone's components since CDMA chips tend to be larger and require more power, battery life, the fact that Apple wants nothing to do with Verizon's bloatware, Overseas usage requiring a normally unused SIM slot that would cause the phone to be bigger unnecessarily because 90% of us won't be going overseas often enough to utilize it or at least 90% of the time we won't need it, Verizon branding, etc.

    The only way Verizon will get it is when they finally roll out LTE to lots of markets and negotiate terms that are HEAVILY in Apple's favor. Since I don't see this happening within the next year at least then we will just have to make do with AT&T.

    I think it is a very wise business move to NOT carry the iPhone and let AT&T suffer meanwhile Verizon is free to roll out the big guns as it has become quite apparent that Android phones are becoming more and more technologically advanced at a MUCH faster rate than iPhones ever have. I wouldn't be surprised to see 10mp/1.5ghz/1GB ram Android phones by Q1 2011.

    On top of that you can choose your weapon with hardware qwerty or non-hardware qwerty, large screen or smaller screen, physical size, etc.

    It almost seems like the iPhone is the old telephone of the early 1900s with "you can pick any phone you want as long as it is this model and it is black."

    Oh yeah....they didn't ask me either.

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    Most AT&T service issues are outside of the cities. The AT&T network is excellent in cities and buildings, and because of Cingular, has nearly 100% percent coverage in the southwest. The West coast is actually where you'll notice continuously degraded signal quality, but that is similar for all cellular networks and is due to the lack of necessity (population sparseness).
    If you want the facts on signal quality, the AT&T website has an interactive coverage map that has been SURPRISINGLY accurate in every state I've tested it in.

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    I personally haven't had too much trouble with ATT. My last verizon bill was $450+. Now I have 4 lines, 1400 minutes, never went over the minutes cause I got TONS of rollover minutes.

    It's not easy to keep up with millions of iphones bought within a week. I got my iPhone 4 the first day; it has been a month and I have only had 2 drop calls (same place, same timing) and that's all.

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