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Thread: AT&T Releases iPhone Activation Data, Earnings

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilhead12345 View Post
    So much money and they afraid to do a recall? Smh! Free bumpers is NOT a fix.
    Recall is Apple not AT&T, and I agree free bumpers is not a fix.
    Thus why I returned the phone, will not buy another one until permanent fix or iPhone 5 confirmed no physical defect or design flaw.

    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    All I have to say is I've dropped more calls on AT&T in one month than the 6 years I spent with T-mobile.

    iPhone 4 on 3G speeds make it all worth though. Still waiting on the free case option from Apple. It's already "late" this week, still no word.
    Out of curiosity... iPhone 4 is the first phone you got with AT&T? Most likely you are experiencing "Death Grip" so it might not be AT&T.

    Best personal customer service would be AT&T, but business account I would go with Sprint. Sprint actually calls me when there is curious charge on their computer system! There was an activation on the business account, so the business rep called me up and asked if I know the reason why there is activation charge and new account added. Turns out a new line was added and activated at the store, since it is on the business account there should not be an activation fee. The store charged the fee because that is normal procedure, so it is really nobody's fault. They then reimbursed our activation fee on the spot.
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    Iv had At&t for 10yr now and it has always worked great in LA and SD. I also have what seems to be one of the few working iPhone4s. I use it with out a case and with either hand with no dropped calls. In fact I get better reception than my iPhone 3G ever did.

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    No point in arguing people. AT&T has treated many customers poorly, and many very good as well. And some people have good coverage in their area which, leads to better service and more satisfaction, while others have poor service which leads to dropped calls, slow internet speeds, and an unhappy customer. It all just comes down to where you live.
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    No problems with ATT I hope they do spend that money on there network.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alishah98 View Post
    You are wrong buddy. AT&T use to be Cingular which was horrible and "new" AT&T kept all the crap that Cingular was providing their customers. Old AT&T was awesome I remember when they were on TDMA (thanks happy noodle boy ) and remember their coverage was great. New AT&T SUX, they are unrealistic with their plans and they are just cashing in on iPhone monopoly!!!
    For the same service you will
    Pay the same fees
    With other providers. I think a lot of people are forgetting to price match.

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    everyone swears like the iphone will do so great on verizon, but the iphone will end up doing the same thing it did to at&t network and congest there network like the iphone will do to every provider that has the iphone

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    You have 3 options out there
    Verizon, T-Mobil & Sprint

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    Verizon can barely handle the Droid X and that one is moving less units than the iPhone 4

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    you are obviously an uneducated individual
    Dont be that guy..!!!

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