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Thread: iPhone to T-Mobile USA in Fall: Rumor

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
    I'm curious--since the iPhone finally added support for at least one of T-Mobile's 3G bands...does this mean maybe 3G for unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile? Finally?
    Lol what are you talking about? There is no T-Mobile 3G band support.

    If you're talking about 2100, it's been there since the iPhone 3G.

    However, both (1700 and 2100) are needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    Is that all they involve though? (I wouldn't know, just asking).
    Well replacing the radio with one that also supports T-Mobile's 3G should be relatively simpler than just switching to CDMA, which would also require a large amount of coding on the software side of things.

    But either change would require new hardware to even be possible.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    Eff this, I don't need the iphone coming to t-mobile so they can come out with some new expensive iphone plan that is required for all iphone users...I am perfectly content with my unlocked iphone and cheapo t-mobile data plan, thanks.

    Hardware: iPhone 3g
    Model: 16 Gig White
    Software: 3.1.2
    Baseband: 04.26.08
    Carrier: T-Mobile
    Status: Jailbroken, unlocked, and awesome

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    Edge is actually not that slow for me. Back when I was able to use the loophole for edge, it was pretty speedy. Hell, it beat my school's wifi. And chances are, when I use internet, it's not going to be some life or death emergency in which I NEED 3G speeds. Sure it'd be nice to save time, but for me, it was bearable. And it's not like I'm completely focused on my phone. If it takes a while, I'll just chat with a friend or something.

    I guess this does kind of suck though--maybe. If TMo likes its users (btw, GREAT customer support!!), they won't try to screw us up our arses. Hopefully they will keep their unlimited data plans and won't charge like..25 a month for 5GB or something. I have a 3GS with TMo and I'm just glad that they have such friendly pricing. My family is paying less than 100$ a month right now for three lines, with unlimited texting. With data, it'll probably be higher, but it'd cost like 100+ for three lines, not one.

    I dunno. I hope TMo continues to offer such great pricing. And if not..ehh, we're contracted in to our current pricing anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
    Hint: they both involve replacing the radio.

    The radio has been capable since the iPhone 3G. It's the power amplifiers that matter.

    While Apple may list the iPhone 3G and 3GS as tri-band UMTS phones, they're both really quad-band. This is because a Band V (850 MHz) PA covers both Band V (850 MHz) and Band VI (800 MHz). It's just generally omitted since if a phone supports Band V (850 MHz), Band VI (800 MHz) is automatically covered.

    The same goes for the iPhone 4, which is really a penta-band phone via the addition of Band VIII (900 MHz).

    As far as CDMA, yes, the radio will need to be replaced (among other things).

    Three PAs at the bottom:

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    the picture is a mytouch 3g for tmobile!!! photoshopped to look like an iphone

    Thank me hahah

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    Look closely to the photo... The photo is cropped... edited..

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    Wow that is a terrible photoshop. I'm just saying.

    You can clearly see the cut corners and blended palm.

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    Please god come to TMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by TylerC161 View Post
    Wow that is a terrible photoshop. I'm just saying.

    You can clearly see the cut corners and blended palm.
    I can understand noobs pointing out the terrible photoshop job, but you have been on the site for three years now. Are you just now realizing they do crap photoshops?

    T-Mobile will not be an option for me until the phone can work on their 3G. I've used mywi on my old 2G a few times and it's no fun at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mylonghornlife View Post
    For those of you that don't know, T-Mobile has their own "iPhone support division" that allows T-Mobile customers with an iPhone to call in with support questions and problems.

    I would think that with a support team dedicated to a phone that they don't even carry, the iPhone is a hot commodity with T-Mobile users.

    ...also consider T-Mobile was listed as one of the "brands to disappear in 2011," so it's not unfathomable to think they are trying everything they can to make this work and (possibly) save the company from fallout if they acquire the device.
    Their support for the iPhone is due in part because Tmobile carries the iPhone contract in Germany. I used them in Germany and the iPhone worked great. As for tmobile going away. I highly doubt that. They have more customers than ATT and Verizon combined globally with over 190 million customers. Ranking them 8th largest in the World.

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    I beg to differ with you. I love t-Mobile and I DONT have dropped calls, maybe its the fact I live in WA but it's better service and more cost effective than any other service I've seen. And yes I've done my research and had other services. So don't bother coming off like a know it all. I know my area and what works for me!

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    PNW tmobile is great!! Bring on the iPhone soon so I don't run to Canada for the unlocked one.

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    Cool if there pricing plan is cheaper if they go with T mobile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuhndsn View Post
    As for tmobile going away. I highly doubt that. They have more customers than ATT and Verizon combined globally with over 190 million customers. Ranking them 8th largest in the World.
    You're definitely right. I think most people fail to understand that. Globally, TMo has a userbase much larger than ATT and VZW. T-Mobile USA, however, does not. What needs to be cleared up is that TMobile is actually not in any danger. They are not going away. The speculation is that only the USA subdivision of Tmobile will go away.
    And personally, that's not going to happen, I don't think. T-Mobile can afford to keep T-Mobile USA running. Admittedly they're not doing the best right now, but it's not going to go under. Why? It has such a strong driving force backing it.

    And as for the people commenting on the photoshop job...of course! MMi always has those sort of images. It's a current TMo commercial for the d-wade mytouch 3g. Nothing to get worked up over.

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    I hope T-mobile does get the iPhone.

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    I hope it comes to T-mobile if not I am very tempted to join At&t with the new iPhone 4

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    My wife used to work for t-mobile and I can assure you that these talks of the iphone have been going on for about two years now. It would be much easier for the switch to T-mobile and with the rep of the Iphone it would boost T-mobile and let them get up to date with service. This would also allow Apple to be able to lay down more of a contract favoring Apple due to T-mobile being fourth on the Top carriers list. In return the Iphones Rep would boost sales for T-mobile. At the same time If you dont have T-mobile signal you probably will soon, if they do get the Iphone and if you still dont have signal Im sure they will keep the Iphone with ATT so no worries and if you dont have either I would invest in two cans and a string.

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    I would just like to point out to those that said they are with TMO right now with their unlocked iPhones. If it does go to TMO (That's a big IF) then it would stand to reason that you would have to buy a new iPhone, you would not be able to utilize the 3G using an unlocked + jailbroken AT&T one.
    But I say like the rest, I will believe it when I see it.

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    T-mobile actually has a higher I guess you can put it as running service than ATT you can look up the specs on there site and then research ATT and you will find that T-Mobile can handle the Iphone and all of its users. This would also help there coverage area, as at first T-mobile would rent other cellphone towers then they would build there own to increase service in difficult areas. If you are thinking to yourself well post the facts that T-mobile can handle the Iphone and its users, my reply is go look it up and see for yourself.

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