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Thread: DragonFireSDK - Windows iPhone SDK [ GIVEAWAY ]

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    wow, i wait for this a long time...very nice...hope i can get this...thanks

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    Sweet I just started to teach myself c++ so I could start trying to develop apps for the iphone. This would be awesome to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Thanks Modmyi..
    If i have Dragonfire SDK,it will save my thousand dollars to buy Mac..

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    I would love to use this on my windows 7 so I can take the software of the iphone apart and make it better for everyone

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    great! i'll like to have a copy.

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    I would like to fritter away some time on my laptop developing a time wasting app for Kyle, which he will review (exclusively), love and make me $$$$$

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    Smile Spare me a serial please
    I've always wanted to create iphone applications but I don't have a Macbook. Please spare me a serial. Thank you!
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    Default Cool!
    I would love to use what I learn at school (C++) for actual good things. Any spare serials?

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    Wow, the prospect of developing apps on windows. Before this the only option for a windows user was a hackintosh, but look now. C++/C# development of apps instead of having to learn new languages (objective c). From the look of that "sliders" app this could be a very usable SDK.
    Nice one!

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    i would love to program on windows... i could only program on the weekends since my mac is at another place and i work 3 hours on weekdays

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    Hi. I've been planning to buy this for ages! I would love to make iPhone apps. It would be much appreciated if you could make this happen for me

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    If you want to develop for the iphone on a windows system, another option is available. Install vmware. Vmware lets you set up a virtual environment for a number of different operating systems. You can run a MAC OS such as snow leopard in vmware. Whenever you want to program just open it up and plug away.
    I dont know about the legality of it though. I read somewhere that you arent allowed to run mac os on a non mac computer. im sure you can google it though ;P

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Finally. I've been dieing to try coding for the iPhone, but I haven't really been motivated enough to install hackintosh just to try out the iPhone SDK. Put my name in the hat for one of those serials.

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    I been wanting to make an app thanks for a alternative to osx

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    aww i love to get this, i have always wanted to make apps but could never afford those overpriced macs

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    any winners yet? i would really like my own copy.


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    Default appMobi{!} Anyone?
    I would be interested in giving DragonFireSDK a try, however, before you go wasting time developing with a primitive tool, you should first go check out Welcome to appMobi. The folks there have given developers the ability to develop iPhone AND Android apps AT THE SAME TIME on a Windows box!
    Check them out, pretty slick stuff!!!

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    OMG this is just what I want! I want a mac, but they cost sooo freaking much so this would be perfect!
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    Any winners yet?

    Was this a sham? Did anyone win? (jw)
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    *Hoping to develop games for the iPod soon*

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    That would be really great to have a couple of our people test it.


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