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Thread: DragonFireSDK - Windows iPhone SDK [ GIVEAWAY ]

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    Id like to give it a try. I dont have a Mac to program on and I really want to learn. Thanks

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    I'd be very interestd in one of these to pick-up development skills for the iPhone. Great phone, but I'm a PC....No way I'm spending that much money on buying a mac just for iPhone development. Much appreciated!
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    I could use this since I just started coding in C++ and I've always wanted to try to make an iPhone app.

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    I've been a C developer most of my life. I bought a Mac Mini specifically to develop iOS apps. After weeks of trying to make the thing run faster, and wrap my head around Objective C, I gave up. I don't want to spend $1500 on a new machine so I can use Apple's SDK when I have a perfectly good, high end Windows machine.

    Pick me!

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    Default Oh my, I need this
    I've been looking for a decent way to develop on a Windows box for ages. I keep developing all my apps for Android, just because I'm not a fan of apple's self-contained ecosystem.

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    I'd like this very much!

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    im windows 7 and i will never buy a Mac. hope i win haha

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    long time Windows developer here, this could be the push I need to jump to mobile :-)

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    im a computer science student atm and i have have been wanting to jump into iphone programming but i am a pc guy :/ i don't have any macs at my finger tips. If i were to receive a code i could greater my knowledge in programming and hopefully put out some nice apps =]

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    im on windows and the only thing stopping me from programming is not having a mac so yeah, i would like to have it
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    I would like to have one......

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    Well, I know there seems to be a lot of interest on this one, but I'm going to give this my best shot anyway.

    I'd really love to win this because I'm very interested in app development. Over the past years I have been using photoshop, and have even created some themes here on the forum. I've created numerous websites, but I want something which I can deliver to the masses. My high graphical ability and ability to learn code will all help when developing apps.

    I would of already attempted to develop applications if it wasnt for the fact I'm running a Windows 7 machine. And don't get me wrong, I'm not proud to say it. For the past six months I've searched high and low for Macbook Pro's, but as a student not in HE or FE, the discount is low and the prices are huge! A 15 year old just simply cannot afford it.

    I believe application development is the road I would like to go down. I have been in discussion with a friend of mine on app development, and this software for windows could finally solve our problem, we don't have a Mac!

    If I was to win this giveaway I would create tutorials on both MMI and YouTube for everyone to learn DragonFireSDK. Thank you for reading this, and may the best/luckiest man win


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    i hope i win this one because I want to code on my windows 7 laptop

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    Unhappy I need this
    I Really need this i have a pc and have to program in VMWare and its slow and sucks

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    I actually used the beta for this DragonFire SDK a while back. It was great to finally be able to develop on windows. Since then I have been learning the code language and I have started to try and code an iphone application which I think will be VERY popular It is hard to develop without the amazing tools available on the mac so I am now at a stand still and I am unable to develop anymore of my app without the correct tool. Hopefully I might get one of these serial codes and be able to finish my iphone app and publish it on the app store soon I would have purchased the DragonFires sdk package but money is waayyy to tight

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    I would also like to give DragonFireSDK a try. Please send me on of these serials. Thanks

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    Me and my brother are taking lessons right now from my uncle to write for it and our only problem is we don't have a mac
    please if you could
    we'd love this product

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    wow this is pretty cool I've been waiting for something like this for a while....
    it would be great if I could dev on my WIN XP PC.....

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    Oh my gosh! I've been wanting to develop for the AppStore for so long but only know C and C++. This sounds great! Plus all I have is a Windows laptop, this would be absolutely perfect! I would love to get a copy of this, and thank you for the opportunity.
    *Hoping to develop games for the iPod soon*

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    Hi can i have it please i'll love to develop an app for itouch or iphone in windows. Can you give it to me. Thanks.

    I made this in photoshop

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