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Thread: Some iPhone 4 Buyers Think Devices Are Already Being Built Differently

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    I ve been wondering if the proximity problem is there all the time or random as I ve noticed sometimes I ve put on hold or mute some of the call but not all the time!

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    EXCELLENT POST MESSANY!!! i had suspected the same since apple evaded the issue.

    what are yall gonna say about messany now haters?

    keep it up messany. great work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezzard View Post
    I got my preordered iPhone and every call that lasts longer than a few minutes will somehow be placed on mute. I do get random dropped calls moreso than I did with my 3GS. I use my headphones for calls when I can to avoid having issues. This is a real problem.
    Quote Originally Posted by leletyM3 View Post
    I ve been wondering if the proximity problem is there all the time or random as I ve noticed sometimes I ve put on hold or mute some of the call but not all the time!

    Try going to "Reset All Settings" under Reset. Seriously. I was having a proximity sensor issue during calls and a restore didn't even work. I looked up some stuff online, did "Reset All Settings", and everything was fine. Try it.

    Quote Originally Posted by mallenass View Post
    EXCELLENT POST MESSANY!!! i had suspected the same since apple evaded the issue.

    what are yall gonna say about messany now haters?

    keep it up messany. great work
    I hope you're trolling. Another anticlimactic article with no findings.. Rumors in the wind. Yeah.. thanks Messany.
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    If I do the death grip, my signal bars actually go up!!!

    Got it on 07/07/10, no dropped calls, no proximity issues.

    Much better reception and sound in/outgoing than old 3G.

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    Are people really claiming that having an accessory available at the launch of a new product is sign of a conspiracy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderguy84 View Post
    I got my iPhone the 23rd, pre-ordered opening pre-order day, and I've never had any problems with signal strength when i hold it a certain way. I think the media is blowing this WAY out of proportion.
    Tell that to those of us who drop calls, can't be heard by the other party and cannot get a clean bluetooth signal, when the phone is hald in the palm of the hand.

    I have these problems ALL the time. I cannot find a case locally atm, so I can't fix the ******* problem at MY expense. And yes it's very very annoying. I had a client keep telling me he couldn't understand me when trying to tell him a number today... until I moved my hand so I was holding the phone by the glass only, then he hard me fine.

    It's a problem plain and simple.

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    Here is my email to gizmodo:
    I received my phone on release day via fedex, via an AT&T pre order.
    And I was NEVER able to reproduce the "death grip" results on my first
    iphone4. Then my wife dropped my phone and the back cracked, I went
    to apple and they replaced my phone on the spot, for free (I am VERY
    thankful to them for that). My new phone DOES look different, now
    that you mention it. The stainless steal bezel of my replacement
    looks more "textured" than the original brushed steal appearance. I
    can confirm that it is more "matte" than my original. If it means
    anything, my phone was replace in the waltwhitman mall apple store on
    Long Island, NY on July 12th.

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    What is "slightly different" about it? For what its worth I got mine at launch (well, that made it into the washer that night so I got another the following day) and couldn't reproduce the issue as hard as I tried.
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    While waiting for my reserved iPhone to be brought out to me, I took the liberty of testing the finger over the crack theory (ok wise guys) and noticed that the display model stayed at 5 bars. So I tried the phone next to it, covering all cracks, same thing. I tried 8 different display models and.... You guessed it. Perfect signal every time. We all know that not only these phones can be modded and mangled in many different ways, but that apple has been sweeping the dirt under the rug *cough-deleting posts-cough*. What are the odds they just put in a patch to upsell?
    As to the quality of the phones being rushed out of the plant and into the hands of mouth watering techies, I didn't get past the parking lot before I noticed my first defect. What I had initially thought was a sticky paper substance, turned out to be some sort of paper/packaging trapped between the glass and the "unsinkable" antenna. Needless to say, the new one They replaced has no signal..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mallenass View Post
    EXCELLENT POST MESSANY!!! i had suspected the same since apple evaded the issue.

    what are yall gonna say about messany now haters?

    keep it up messany. great work
    Wow that would be fast!!! Restructure the manufacturing process and get the phones out that quick. NOT. Sorry this is far fetched. Or?!? The phones I have from launch are different with regards to the antenna. And as for the sensor. Only one had the issue and it was the one that I restored from my old iPhone that was jb. I restored it reset it an no problems.

    I would buy the story on the white iPhones that are not even made yet but not the black ones. Let's just wait for the soft fix and see. Not area 51 theories.

    Oh and lol on sticking up for The staff writer... Look out NY we have another Pulitzer on this article. ;-). As far as writing... They are reporting not writing. For the most part it's like adding to a cut and paste.... Lol.

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    Default Signal
    Remember people, if you are in an area with a very strong signal, such as an apple or at&t store or are in direct line of sight of a cell tower it is harder to reproduce the dropped signal. Now if you are out in a more rural area or inside of a building with some obstructions it is very easy to reproduce...

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    I ordered my iPhone 4 on June 25th from apple and they said it would ship by July 15. It ended up shipping on July 6th and I got it about 4 days later. I haven't been able to replicate any issue as far as reception or proximity sensor goes. Since some phones have the issue and some don't, it only takes half a brain to realize that this is not a software issue. Ohhh apple, I thought you were better than that... So since it's not a software issue why even update to 4.0.1/4.1 when it comes out if it even does? Maybe the devs should just release the JB and if anyone is dumb enough to update to the next pointless firmware can go ahead and do so and lose their JB.

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    how many older guys in here sit back and wonder, what happened to apple ...

    its sad to watch the transformation of community to corporation

    money ruins everything

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    This is exactly what was thinking when i went to the apple store last week. I tried the death grip on a few phones in the store and i couldnt get ay bars down. One phone i could get one bar down but maybe thats because of the incorrect bars display that apple was going to fix in the next update.

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    LOL! "Some iPhone 4 Buyers" are also drooling tards!!
    Praise the Devs! To each and every one of you who spend your time writing code and making apps for little or no profit... Its YOU that makes the iPhone great, NOT Apple!! From me to you, a million thanks!!

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    reanimationxp, I reset the network settings, reset all settings, reset the phone to factory state, set up as a new iPhone in iTunes and still had the proximity issue. It's simply a hit and miss issue. It's not a "huge deal" to me but annoying so I went into Apple and had them order me a replacement. The Genius there told me they get 2-5 units a day with the proximity issue and the other customer standing next to me was there for the same thing. I got my phone on the 23rd so it may just be a bad initial batch.

    As far as reception I can get it to drop 2 bars by doing the death grip but never lose all bars but I'm also in a great coverage area so that may be the reason. I think the iPhone 4 is great, I'm upgrading from a 16GB 3G unit so for me the changes are pretty significant. I think because of the Gizmodo leak they may have rushed things and in order to get the phone out earlier and these glitches are a result. The only thing that really bugs me is how Apple is addressing the issues.

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    Anyone else suspect Apple modified the iOS on these new devices with the new "formula"?

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    I just had mine replaced today due to a chip in the corner of the screen (chipped when I put a bumper on it). I can still replicate the signal drop on the new phone. However, it hasn't bothered me or affected my calls. Plus, I put a bumper on mine to prevent it from laying flat on a surface and scratching the front/rear glass, and I no longer have any signal problem. It is still disappointing to know it can be done. Blackeye for Apple. They need to address the issue, come clean and make it right!

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    Ye some of my mates have no problem and there is one of my mates who do its a soft ware problem
    how ever there is a case for the human hand getting in the way its to do with sweat from the hand and the signal being blocked

    a soft ware up grade will fix it my mates work in phone shops and i no what im talking when it comes to hard ware

    iv up dated one of my 3Gs and i louse signal strength when i wrap my hand round the unit
    but when i use just 3 fingers to hold it then its fine no problem before the up grade 3.1.3

    its the same with a TFT screen if you put finger on the screen the acid sweat for your fingers or hand play havoc with the screen

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    You people are crazy if you think apples gonna admit to a manufacturing change or anything like that, and if they do, then its defiantly not going to be until after july 23/24 when peoples 30 day window to return the iphone has expired.

    Also, from my own experience, I never really noticed or was affected by the dropped signal... so I thought. I mean, I could make the phone loose bars if I tried but it never affected the call or anything. One thing that was strange though is that with my 3gs I had good service at my girlfriends house but when I got my iphone 4, I usually only had 1 bar at here house. I thought it was a little fishy, but I thought thats just how it was. Today I got a bumper and now at my girlfriends house I have full bars no matter what I do. Defiantly a problem.

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