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Thread: planetbeing Confirms Working Unlock & Jailbreak on iPhone 4

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    news about the jb/unlock for ip4 keep getting better everyday-way to go dev team - can't wait to get my ip4 in a couple of weeks

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    This is so sweet!! Go Dev Team!! Now all we have to do is wait for Crapple to come out with 4.01. Already had to update my BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth headset with my iPhone 4. It worked great on my 3G and 3GS. I heard when upgrading those units to iOS4 there was a bluetooth problem. So its something with ver 4.0 My Jawbone unit had no problems though. - After googling it, its seems there's a lot people with bluetooth problems on the iPhone4. Apple says it is aware of the problem, so with the ant fix (ha ha) I think some other problems will be addressed too, with 4.01. A small piece of scotch tape over the left corner area fixed my Ant problem, which really wasn't that bad anyways. As for Geo .... as others have said, his programs helped me and many of my friends for the last 2 years. I respect his talent and software. I would say, give the dude a break, and say thanks for the good times, but then that's what I say to all my ex-girlfriends too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    x2thaz64 just got pwned all over this page haha.
    i got pwned because everybody answered the questions i had?

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    No because the question you asked or statement you made basically boiled down to "It's all about me and my situation and I want my unlock now... what are they waiting for?"

    The Dev Team does what's best for the whole world... not just who would benefit right this second.

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    Edit Poseidon: Deleted FAKE TWITTER post. Look back a few pages.. this was already posted!
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    OMG!!! I feel like a 16 year old girl drooling over it's idol right now! I cant wait for the jailbreak!!!

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    Apple thinks they're going to wreck the jb community by waiting for the new jb, but they're ******* themselves over by waiting for their death grip software pseudo fix. Consumer Reports will screw you over Apple, if they don't like your product, old people everywhere will not buy your damn phone.

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    Apple better hurry up and release the update before more **** starts to hit the fan. They're already ****** as it is and this update probably won't even fix this "death grip" issue.

    Good job dev team.

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    i cant wait!!! :P
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    Amazing that they finally got the jailbreak done all they need to do now is release it

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    There are no factory unlocked iPhone 4's. I have seen those ads on craigslist. They are scams. Netiher apple nor AT&T are selling factory unlocked iPhones. I got mine on the 22nd. Still waiting for the unlock. As far as i know im the first person in Canada to have one :-D

    Quote Originally Posted by maddawg05 View Post
    Yeah but ppl are selling it across the border. On craisglist ppl are selling preordered factory unlocked for $2000 to $3000 CND....almost same as USD

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    i know!! i wonder hopw this jailbreak works.. hopefully its not as easy as blackra1n.. i likedit when we had to put codes and it was more of a challenge.. nowadays all the lil kids could jailbrreak and think they know everythig.... :/
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    If apple release a firmware update before this is released will the unlock need to be re written or should it be as simple as porting code over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawhog View Post
    If the antenna issue is really being caused by shorting the two antennae together, the fix should be simple. Try taking a little bit of clear fingernail polish and painting over that black strip and the first inch or so of the metal band on each side of the black strip. I don't have any to try it with. But I did put scotch tape on there in that area and it worked. Somebody give this idea a try and post up the results.
    why not try this? I found it on ebay one day...

    iPhone 4 iColor Wrap - A colorful alternative to bumper - eBay (item 220634006081 end time Aug-06-10 16:32:06 PDT)

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    guise, not sure what to hope for, a release now, or a release later. musclenard says he has 3 ways to unlock baseband, planetbean's is way #three. #thereicwhatudid

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    Just ordered a pair of clear ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skater38053 View Post
    May I suggest some colored electrical tape? its cheaper and you can get it from Home Depot... no waiting!
    Praise the Devs! To each and every one of you who spend your time writing code and making apps for little or no profit... Its YOU that makes the iPhone great, NOT Apple!! From me to you, a million thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawhog View Post
    Just ordered a pair of clear ones.
    are they stickers? i cant watch the youtube video because i havnt got flash installed
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    Geohot who??????? These guys are the new blood!!!!

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    wow i cant believe what a pussy Geohot is. he cant take the public pressure i guess. There are more people who dont bother him then there are people who do bother him!!! Geohot **** YOU!

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