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Thread: Possible iPhone 4 Recall Growing More Likely By The Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
    Apple's customer service is s**t but seriously no one's going to leave the iPhone 4 or any other Apple products.
    Returning my iPhone 4 for a Captivate on Sunday.

    You are wrong again...

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    Yes , you heard it hear first. Apple is not going to recall the "4". As long as small % of owners are saying they arent having any issues. They will just let it die down like everything else they have screwed up.........No Recall For You!!
    Black Iphone 4 4.0 32gig

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    Quote Originally Posted by centriod View Post
    A g1?? Your not serious are you? It doesn't even compare to an iPhone any generation iPhone for that matter.
    But maybe there is some truth in there, G1 had less dropped calls than iPhone4 because of death grip. Since both of them are phone first, G1 is better than iPhone 4.

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    I just found Apple new response for all the iphone chaos lol:

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    Apples best play to handle both situations would to be to release 4.01 so then the jailbreak also comes out, then say sorry software can't fix this and issue a recall. Then they can fix the antenna and the current jailbreak.

    Long shot, but I guess possible if they are at all considering a recall. But once the jailbreak is out, short of phone failure they ain't getting mine back. I've got a nice case and have no reception issues.

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    Ok for those of you who are saying that you have no reception problems with your iphone 4.

    Apple is saying that the phone is displaying 2 more bars then you actually have, so if you are in a strong signal area while you are trying to make the phone drop signal it wont display it happening.. that doesnt mean that your phone is not effected it just means you dont see it because your signal is too strong to be able to force past the "full bars" symbol.

    and to the people that are saying whatever just buy a case and it works fine. That is unacceptable, you have purchased a product that cost alot of money.. you should demand that it work to 100% of what its supposed too..

    if you bought a brand new car that stopped accelerating if you pressed the peddle down a certain amount would you just say, its alright ill just use my cruise control??? NO!!!

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    Funny thing is whith my iPhone 4 the only time the bars drop is when im not in a call. I tryed it while i was in a call and the bars didnt drop at all yet when im not making a call they drop. This is all while touching the two antenas together. Has anyone else tryed this?

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    I kept getting excuses that mine was having issue was because their is no utma towers where I live. I specifically said I don't have an issue with it at my house just every where else. They kept saying because where I lived was the reason I was having issues. What a bunch of dumb *****'s
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    The good news is that I'm pretty sure iphone 5 will be perfect right out of the box.

    So that's something.

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    How can anyone still think it could be a software issue? Are people that retarded? You are touching the goddamn antenna. It was pretty obvious from the start.

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    ok, as of lately my ihpone 4 sitting on my desk or anywhere in my house shows 1-2 bars, it use to show full signal, my wifes 3g shows full signal.

    if the rumor is true about it showing 2 more bars than you should have then i should have no signal and shouldnt be able to make calls. i have had no issues with dropped calls, i just show no bars lately and holding it has no effect at all.

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    consumer reports said they fixed it with duct tape. i can see it now, apple mailing everyone that owns an iphone 4 a slice of tape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    If you don't like the news sir, your not forced to read it...but I'm growing tired of people bashing the writers because the news doesn't fit them....while we value opinions , negativity and bashing I don't tolerate...if u have a problem , ur welcome to contact the writer direct or site owners...but I'm warning you now , no more bashing on the writers or posting in their threads negativity towards their news....thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandale View Post
    Im happy with my G1. Dont need an iPhone 4.
    I'd rather have an iPhone iPhone 2G with zero bars than have a G1 with full service any day. I hate to put you on blast like that but your comment has no business in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    A) the next iPhone won't be announced until next June
    B) Even if I was interested, I'll still be in my first year of contract with AT&T, and there is no way I would pay full price for any phone.
    C) When the 3GS came out and I owned a 3G, I was as excited to buy one as a walrus would be in taking a swim.


    lol thanx for the laugh - hope the problem is solved before i get my iphone4 in august

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    biggest recall EVER

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    i just called into tech support to complain about the proximity sensor and my wifi always staying on and they said that the ios 4.0.1 update is within 24 hours away

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    The "expert"s are right: their image is Apple's most valuable asset

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeThomson View Post
    i just called into tech support to complain about the proximity sensor and my wifi always staying on and they said that the ios 4.0.1 update is within 24 hours away

    Im inhaling deeeeeeply and hoooooolding it..........................

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