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Thread: GeoHot Says GoodBye To The Community

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    HEY I sent this message to you guys I would like to be mentioned k thanx bye.

    juz jk-ig sbouy being mentioned...i still did notify you doods

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    Quote Originally Posted by epiqism View Post
    finally this kid leaves. sorry to say, but we won't miss you
    Guys like this is the reason GeoHot is leaving, look at his join date...these kids that are used to the click one exe and jailbreak your phone kind...

    If you were around the early days you would be thankful for all the things Goehot did for the community. Taking a process that used to take a little bit under an hour plus countless hours of "fixing" stuff like youtube and wifi to just being able to run one executable and your done.

    George, Thank you for all your hard work.

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    Whatever happened to this guy! so much for releasing things to the public

    YouTube - CNBC Interview with George Hotz, iPhone Hacker

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLaw-One View Post
    I never really used tools from him (always only used tools directly from the Dev-Team), so not too worried as the Dev-Team lives on.

    That said, the chap did what he did, and it worked for those that used it, plus he gave it out for such (including all the time and effort he put into it), I believe he should really be appreciated for ALL his efforts and contribution instead of the ingratitude he is receiving!

    On another note, I think Steve Jobs and his cohorts should be worried (when jailbreakers start leaving the scene) because without JB, a good majority of us WILL NOT touch the iPhone. The more jailbreakers that leave the JB scene, the less appealing the iPhone with it's closed garden policy would become!
    Android may just win over many converts.
    Not sure if you remember but he was once affiliated with th dev team so yes you did use his stuff.

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    It's pretty ironic isn't it? All of these people talking **** about geohot. I am willing to bet that almost every one of them has used his jailbreak before. I, for one, will miss geohot. His jailbreak was one of the first one that I used that was a one click process. Does anyone remember the jailbreaks after the first (or whatever site you had to go on in your iPhone 2G browser)The ones that you had to follow over 30 steps just to jailbreak. The ones that you had to spend hours working on then messing up and having to start all over again. Those were terrible. And now gehotz has helped to make this easier. You guys are just ungrateful. or never tried the less sophisticated jailbreaks of the iPhone 2G/iPod Touch 1G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeThomson View Post
    Whatever happened to this guy! so much for releasing things to the public

    YouTube - CNBC Interview with George Hotz, iPhone Hacker
    Nice find! Seems like such a normal (albeit nerdy...not unlike many of us) guy.
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spudman01 View Post
    ive gotta say i saw this comming. hes right though.. back when jailbreaking was an all day-week process, it was a more respected thing, and people were there to help out. now its just WHEN CAN I JAILBREAK MY IPHONE 3GS/IPHONE 4?!?!?!?!?! or I HATE ATT GIVE ME AN UNLOCK ALREADY!! its really sad, and i dont blame him for quiting
    +1 These guys made it way too easy now.

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    Two words geohot "cry baby"

    I mean for real if u charged 1dollar for a jailbreak your set for life
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    Are you calling him a crybaby or are you telling him to cry, baby?

    I think you may want to redo your word count

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    Quote Originally Posted by brahby View Post
    Are you calling him a crybaby or are you telling him to cry, baby?

    I think you may want to redo your word count
    No he is being a DA. Dev team time for old school jailbreaking. No mote tools to make it easy.

    Terminal time.

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    Dev team FTW they help out the community and don't quit like geo

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    Is it just me, or did Geohot just delete his whole twitter account?
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    First he gives up the ring of power now he gives up hacking the iPhone, I bet he allready jailbroke and unlocked Sam and arogons iPhone 4's so they can use it on the elfs network, have fun rolling around in bed with Sam and pippen and all the other hobbits, btw blacksn0w sucked too can't even reset network settings withought bricking with blackn0w installed have fun in the shire mr baggins.

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    all these haters... :/
    after all he has done.. no respect for the guy!?
    Thanks Geo
    Failure is not an option - iNyuke Dont be afraid to press the Thanks button! >>>>>>>>>>

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    Quote Originally Posted by skaterbasist View Post
    Because your 95 posts makes you... what?

    What does post count have anything to do with this? Amazing reasoning.
    still an ***

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    [email protected] to geohot

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    This is too bad. He had a lot to offer the community.

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    This is why he should be charging for his work!!!! People that can't can't and people that can do and get paid for it. When you work hard for free and don't make any money all the haters and BS takes it's toll then you start to questioning yourself and then flash out at everybody. It's like the love of your work is gone I went through something like this then I noticed a good friend of mine doing great we did the same type of work he said charge them stop working for free and I been doing great ever since.

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