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Thread: GeoHot Says GoodBye To The Community

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    1. that will NEVER happen, steve is to much of an arrogent B***ARD
    2. take the fun away much??? i dont think id even bother if it was like that tbh...

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    This is a huge blow to our community. People may see him as an arrogant attention hound, but the facts are the facts: We are now one less person away from owning stock iPhones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stixx View Post
    The guy obviously enjoys the attention - why else all these "goodbye iPhone world" tweets? What's next, a one hour prime time special?
    Funniest quote ever.

    Please no one should feel bad for Geo'whatever his name is.
    He get donations. He is not doing it for free.
    When people pay you even if he calls it donations, they have the right to ask for an upgrade!!!

    Period. He bailed on those that paid him. He should refund their money.

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    I always thought the was the definitive jailbreaker anyway. No? That's where I always went. But I haven't jailbroke since iPhone 3G 3.0. LOL

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    I didn't read the entire thread but to people complaining about if he has a jailbreak he should release, he said the picture of the i4 jailbreak was a fake. He doesn't even have an i4; or so he said on his twitter not too long ago.

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    I don't blame him. People have grown selfish and demanding and have forgotten to be grateful for the talented and hard working individuals who have worked so hard to free us from the strict confines of AT&T and the App Store. I for one will remember his contributions for their simplicity and ease of use. Thank You Geohot and to all the others still busting their hind parts to help others.

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    *shrug* whatever. the kid is like 5 years old. he'll grow up eventually.

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    I liked his jailbreaks. easy simple end never had problems BUT I still think he is being childish or Apple offered him money. anyway thank you for the work you have done and I hope he will help in any way to the other hackers community who are keen to jailbreak

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    No donations + no patience = No more jailbreakin'

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    geo if your reading this, i really want to thank you because you and your team revolutionized the world when you unlocked the first iphone , thanks for all your hard work and from me you will be missed!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergioakakobe View Post
    Good Riddance,

    You Wont Be Missed!
    Yeah, thanks to jerks like this guy.

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    For those haters out there, you are nothing more than an idiot. We're losing one of our best and apple WIN. He does it for free and your benefit, he doesn't owe you anything even so what if he acts childish, immature, whatever... it's his right. All you should care is you get your JB and unlock FREE if or when he cares to release. You should support him whatever decision he makes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkTank;
    Funniest quote ever.

    Please no one should feel bad for Geo'whatever his name is.
    He get donations. He is not doing it for free.
    When people pay you even if he calls it donations, they have the right to ask for an upgrade!!!

    Period. He bailed on those that paid him. He should refund their money.
    He has not demanded anyone in the jb community to give to him money, anyone that has donated has done it out of there own free will. He also did not say pay me and I will produce you an ios4/iphone4 jb.


    """" a donation is to give without expecting anything in return""""

    an investment is to contribute to expect a return, and anyone who's ever been in business knows well that even after investing huge amounts into something, the return still may not occur, ---that's business--.
    But Geohot never did that as far as I am aware, I never saw or heard about him asking anyone to invest to him money in order to recieve a jb for ios4 or iPhone 4.
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    This is just a kid. I don't blame him for quitting, he either has no exploit and got frustrated or someone paid him to get out of the business of exploting the Iphone. That's fine, the dev-team always has had our back.

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    Yeah, really hate the "entitled to" vibe from everybody these days. They buy an iPhone and then whine on DevTeam/Geohot's blog/twitter and ask rude questions like "Jailbreak when???".. I won't be surprised if day by day all these talented individuals just quite the scene as well.. then we will see who these people whine to.

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    Never did use his stuff. Only Dev Team as it's what I first came across, was familiar with, and it worked well, so why change?

    But someone who gives time and (a much needed and welcome) product free to anyone who wants it has gotta be given props regardless of attitude. You don't like it, lump it. Do you like Jobs' attitude?

    Well done Geohot, thanks (even though I never used your stuff) and good luck for future projects/life.

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    The sense of entitlement among "old-schoolers" is sickening. I have been in IT/IS for over 18 years, but I know where my bread is buttered from (the non-technical users) in the end. Quit with the basement chest pounding.
    Geo is a very smart and capable kid. Maybe some maturity to grow into (who didn't at that age?), but I can't say I blame him one bit.
    He will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAE View Post
    I guess apple hired him huh? lol.
    lol i was thinking the same thing

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    Thx for ur contributions GeoHot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1hihum View Post
    While the guy has made some very awesome contributions, he has at times seemed to be a bit of an *** in my book. He posts tweets/videos/etc about how quickly he cracked the iphone, how easy it is to beat Apple, and how slow other hackers are with delivering jailbreaks, and then gets pissy when he is hounded for his easy jailbreak. If you don't want the constant harrasment, then don't post that ****! That being said, I'm sure I would probably be something of an *** too if I was continuously harassed about jailbreaking the iphone.

    Over the coarse of the last couple of jailbreaks the community has become very aggressive about getting them. It's funny though that we don't see these emotional roller coasters from the Dev Team isn't it. They generally have the devoted support of the jailbreaking community. They popst pics/tweets/videos/etc without all of the side show crap, and hence, far less animosity from the community.

    I do appreciate his work, and expect to see him back before long though. I don't think he can go too long before he needs the attention again. My bet is that he will sit out this jailbreak, but come bouncing back for the next one. :
    yeah, why he made a jailbreak that easy? I liked when you needed know many things before jailbreaking and it wasnt as simple as pressing one button "jailbreak"... He was the first one making easy jbs to community and now he is complaining about that? He is genius but also too superior... sorry for bad english.

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