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Thread: Consumer Reports Pulls iPhone 4 Recommendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by volcomc View Post
    Get a freaking bumper people and stop crying. The iPhone 4 is a tank!
    **** that sh1t, why should i have to spend extra money because of apples mistakes, unlike you i actually use my brain.
    damn drug dealers, and there jailbroken iPhones... ____ Hit the thanks if you think i suck

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    Let's watch our language people

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    Apple knew there was a problem with the iphone 4 when they released it. Did you ever see a bumper for any iphone before the 4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frail1 View Post
    that's like buying a ferrari and putting one of those bumper bra things on it.
    Well said, and 100% agreed.

    Why buy a ferrari with issues when u can buy a volkswagon for less money that runs even better, LMAO.

    I see alot of people not understanding that one though.

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    Here is the answer people!!! No bumpers required!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -ihand1-thumb-550xauto-42606.jpg  

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    answered my phone for the 10th time maybe and the call dropped like someone clipped a wire. looked at my phone...forgot not to use the death grip!

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    I think the software fix is a joke! What Apple is saying doesn't make any sense to me, the software is showing to many bars! Making it show less bars to me would make the signal drop even faster,making the problem worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricmoo2007 View Post
    Duct Tape! "It may not be pretty" Class! :0) definately sticking to my 3gs, but in all seriousness Apple need to at least give away free bumpers to all those affected, and put their hands up to design fault as it seems their software fix may well be a 'Disguise the problem only' fix!

    And to those who say they aren't having problems? Good for you!
    I can tell you:
    Chicago, Las Vegas and San Jose - low signal, dropped calls, inability to make calls or internet. My wife's 3G? Running like a tank with NO problems in the same areas.

    A good 20% of the time I now have a very pretty and expensive iPod Touch.

    What about this supposed short between the SIM and where the SIM tray makes contact with the chassis or components?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleye View Post
    Ive noticed my 3GS dropping a lot of calls lately in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago... and sometimes having full bars + 3G and not being able to make calls or activate the cellular data network. Maybe it is AT&T?
    yes it has to be att. they know when people are holding their phones wrong.

    i finally was able to make the signal loss happen.
    At home I have an ATT tower in th eline of sight and at work we have a newly installed repeater.

    yep I was sitting in a parking lot with phone on the console 5 bars. picked it up to respond to a text, searching for signal. put it back on the console 5 bars, picked it up searching for signal. Not ATT, maybe my electric personality

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    More pressure on Apple means they can't run away from these issues. It's a good situation for those of us who already have an iPhone 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffe View Post
    I have never had reception problems, in fact the clarity is way better than the 3G. My only complaint is the proximity sensor. That is getting tough to live with.
    I don't have a problem either. I live in NY. The proximity sensor is very annoying because I will on a call and accidentally mute that call without knowing it. Is there a possible software fix for this or is this another hardware issue?

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