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Thread: AT&T Blames Slowdown on Software

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyBoy123 View Post
    Apple needs to announce a public release date of the 4.0.1 firmware update. Because the faster they come out with this update, the more will be clarified as to weather the upload speeds and the antenna problem are really a software issue.
    All the more reason Apple will NOT speed up release of this update.
    1. Apple knows damn well that a software update WILL NOT FIX the "death-grip" issue, unless the update contains some "magical" way of re-routing the physical antenna connections within the phone.
    2. The update will fix the signal bars, thus showing how crappy everyone's reception really has been. The iPhone has been inflating reception strength since the very beginning, and now everyone will see how much worse an iPhone's reception is compared to other phones on AT&T's network. Who would be to blame for that? Apple.
    3. The longer Apple holds off on releasing an update, the longer their jail-breaking iPhone 4 customers suffer. Trust me when I tell you Apple loves nothing more than to make jail-breakers suffer. If you jail-break, you are using your iPhone in a manner that conflicts with how Apple expects, no, dictates that you use it, and Apple will do everything it can to stop you.

    I'm sure this list could be made much longer, these are just the reasons that come to mind the quickest.

    Quote Originally Posted by LGgeek View Post
    "they say "impacts less than two percent" of all AT&T customers"

    two percent of AT&T customers is millions and if it's only uploads why are so many people reporting it .
    Don't be surprised when a ModMyI super-moderator/Apple fanboy comes along and claims that 2% is menial and not worth mention - just like the 2% of AT&T's smartphone users affected by the dropped unlimited plans were menial and not worth catering to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buttrr76 View Post
    Why is modmyi hours behind gizmodo? You guys take turns copying each others news

    Speeds are good in Modesto, ca area
    I second that

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    I thought AT&T fix the upload speed crap. I still got less than 100 Kbps. Took for ever to load this pages. I hate AT&T.

    Att is suck. Don't ******* blame apple. I hate AT&T
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