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Thread: Pixelpipe Allows OTA Uploads of HD Video

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    As soon as I got the iPhone 4, I was floored the first time I went to upload a video to youtube. After viewing it you realize it's complete garbage compared to the original. I just thought to myself, way to drop the ball Steve! At least there are interim workarounds until Apple gets their head back in the game.

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    Nvm i got it n

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    LOL Okay, I got the free app. But my search of "pixelpipe" brought up another app, too. "Bootay - The Portable Hip Hop Studio". I looked at the app's description and laughed out loud while reading this: "...quickly start sounding like a pro! Just think.. with this app you can impress your friends with your new skills. You may even pick up som booty or two. Such is the Way of Bootay."

    Ghetto nerds getting laid. LOL
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    Haha let me see lol

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    So it's all or none when you go to upload to the various accounts you've set up. I hate that.

    I love when you use Photoscatter and have multiple accounts set up for uploading to, you get to pick and choose which ones to use when you go to perform the upload.

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    Well, great idea, and would be a great app if it worked for larger files.

    Pixelpipe's app, on the other hand, will allow videos up to 200MB in size
    I have a 2 minute iMovie project that is about 185mb. I cant even select it in the media list to upload it... I have uploaded several other iMovie projects, but none that are more than about 30 sec.

    I have submitted a support question on their site, but have not received a response...

    I will be very happy once this is working. But if you cant upload a 2 minute movie, then its worthless... I think the limit should be 500mb at lease.


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    200 megs? Isn't that something like 2 min of video?

    EDIT: This all said, I can see how a bunch of idiots uploading worthless clips from their phones could quickly bog down the network. This is probably largely why FaceTime isn't supported natively over the air.
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    Doesn't work on iPhone 4 at all: "An error occurred accessing the assets library. User denied access" on launch - every time.
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    It works I have done it but I notice it gets errors when the video is large.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pentatonic145 View Post
    Doesn't work on iPhone 4 at all: "An error occurred accessing the assets library. User denied access" on launch - every time.
    enable location services in settings then try again Worked for me on iPhone 4 that way...

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