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Thread: Apple: Calm Down, Shut Up, and Go Away with Your Death Grip Talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrguy View Post
    I have no case, and my phone doubt do it either, neither does my wife's phone, I really think people are making this way out of proportion, if u don't like it then return the iPhone its that simple, so either buy a case or return the iPhone so please shut up and move on people
    Sure, easy to say when you don't have the problem. And no, its not that simple. I don't want a case, I don't want to return it. I want it as advertised. Apple needs to make it right. It's just that simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unison999 View Post
    If it is just 1/2 percent, do you think Jobs would tell AppleDon'tCare service people not to giving out free bumpers to those people? That number is hell of a lot larger than this.
    What we are reading, and all the complaints that are coming in almost every iphone blog around the wold are just people that are s involved in iphones, and know WTH they are talking about.

    We forgot the BIGGER number of users that only buys the latest products just because their financial or social life forces them to do so.
    And 90% of those people didn't YET notice this problem, or if they did already, they would have thought it's the carriers' problem and started swearing at AT&T like maniacs when the call drops.
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    Default No problem here
    I've had no problem with the iPhone 4 and I got it launch day. If you don't want a case just buy fingerless gloves. They're more popular than you think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teoyaomqui View Post
    I love how people say "if you don't like it just return the product and shut up"

    Just as arrogant as the freaken apple.
    You know what is more arrogant? Wanting the world to stop for you because you are having an issue with a product you purchased. If you have an issue...RETURN IT AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Simple problem...simple solution. What's so hard about this? The mere fact that you are returning the product, especially if there are many of you, will get the manufacturer's attention and produce results down the line to mitigate and correct those issues for the next person....who might even be you later on. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. There are many instances when screaming from the top of your lungs and flailing your arms like a madman to demand attention is appropriate. Buying a piece of "faulty" hardware is not one of them. It has an easy, readily available remedy. RETURN IT IN IT'S ORIGINAL PACKAGING WITH A RECEIPT, GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Everything else in life that ails us should have such an expedient resolution.

    Wait...I know...some of you want Steve Jobs himself to come to your home, have you demonstrate the problem to him personally, and have him pay off your mortgage, pay the first year of your kids' college tuition, and oh yeah, replace your iPhone on the spot without you having to leave your home. Oh...and don't forget the free bumper case.

    Grow up.
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    I've got no bumper or case. I see the signal bars drop when I "death grip" in either hand, but have no problem placing/receiving calls or loading webpages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dstarnik View Post
    I'm not personally involved in this as I have a 3Gs, but even if thousands of complaints is read as 10,000, that is .6% of the iPhone 4's purchased in the first three days. As someone stated earlier, it doesn't seem to be a design flaw as much as quality control. Of course this still should be handled better by Apple, but 1/2 a percent is not outrageous.

    This for me is the crux of the argument. I can replicate this problem with my phone. Admittedly I live in an area of crappy cell service. There isn't 3G service anywhere around me. I do seem to be dropping more calls on edge than I did with my 3GS, but is that because I'm paying more attention. I do know I pay much more attention to where I put my hand when I use the phone.

    I do believe there is an issue, but only Apple know how wide spread it is. 1.7 million iPhone 4s sold. A small subset of those people are going to frequent any number of the Apple sites discussing this issue. And typically only those that have issues will take the time to write about their experience. So what percentage of people that have the problem actually log in to write about it, or contact Apple, or AT&T?

    I'm happy for all the people that have iPhone 4s that work great. Please don't be over critical of people who have had less than an optimal experience up to this point with the reception issues.

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    the issue here is in the level of care that apple is exuding. I don't ever remember a company getting a complaint, and telling the customer there is no problem and to f-off. that's not right. if I were to put my hand on the lcd of my laptop and I lose wifi signal to the point of disconnect hp will be happy to have me send it in to be fixed. apple has the worst bed side manner I have ever seen.

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    i have 2 phones and both do the same crap!!! FU SJ

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    I've used the bumper since the first moment I bought the device on launch day - more for impact protection than for any reception issues. That said, I've had zero reception issues and have not experienced the death grip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddyf1 View Post
    My friend...if you are experiencing these problems with your phone. The solution is quite simple. TAKE IT BACK.

    I have 2 iPhone 4s and I can't replicate any of these issues at all. Apple probably has put alot of pressure on the plants that manufacture the phones to produce as many as possible, as fast as they can. Under those circumstances, it is possible that there are some sacrifices made in quality as they try to mass produce these products to get it out to the ravenous masses. If that is the case, and I don't personally know if it is, return the one you have and purchase one later in the production cycle. Corrections, if necessary, will have been made in the manufacturing process to correct any deficiencies I'm sure.

    It's really NOT that complicated people. It is important to understand that INNOVATION and ADVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY are certain to have some hiccups along the way. We have to understand that true pioneers will work to mitigate those problems as they occur and progress onward. That is what Apple has done for decades. Check the stock price people. And stop complaining about things that NO ONE PERSON INTENTIONALLY BURDENED YOU WITH. The sense of entitlement that comes from some of you is mind baffling. Return the product you have an issue with and you will be refunded your money. No one is keeping it away from you. YOU HAVE A CHOICE WHAT PRODUCT YOU BUY AND KEEP. I prefer CHOICE. If I feel someone makes a better product, I'll CHOOSE theirs. Period. Apple won't mind if they lose a few of you. I think they would simply prefer if you did it a little more quietly and respectfully. As I would too.
    No. Apple moved the antenna. That isn't what I'd call pioneering. I read an article by an antenna engineer a few days ago. He stated that the iPhone 4 antenna is superior to other phones - if the phone were to be suspended in the air. He says by simply holding it, much of the advantage of that array is lost... (I can't find the link atm)

    Entitlement? When you sign into a contract (and pay for the phone separately) you are entitled to a means in which you can use the services that came with the contract. This is not happening for people. Apple appear to be incredibly dismissive in regards to the issue as well. This is a problem.

    Returning it is not a valid solution. Stop passing it off as such.

    To me, the people who hold back advancement are those in a monopoly market structure, or those who take it lying down and reduce the incentive for companies to improve their products. These are the entities I'd like to see leave the industry. Your previous two posts have made yourself appear as one of them.
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    Apple must do something to this .... People lets revolt against apple on this issue ....

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    Apple should just send everyone a plastic sim card tray

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    So far so good, I can squeeze the hell out of it and keep all my bars. Best iphone ive had yet by far. Apple should at least replace the ones with the issue since it dosent seem to be all the phones but just a few out of what they have sold.

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    My phone doesn't do it but I still think that it's bulls**t the way that Apple is handling the complaints from the people that it is happening on. I mean yes we can turn your phone back in and get your money back within the first 14 days but were still stuck on a contract and would have to resort to buying a phone which we had no interest in.
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    I think it all depends on where you are......

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    This is not just an isolated issue I tested this on both of the display models at my local corporate at&t store and both of the phones went to one bar. This is in the store where there should obviously be the best reception if they want to sell the products. It's a nice looking phone but it should be better at being a phone.

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    it is ligitimate. My phone looses reception when I touch it, weither its in a case or not, no matter which hand I use. Also when I turn on wifi I loose a bar or two right off the bat.

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    An Apple rep by the name of Jason H. (whom I know personally) out of Northglenn, CO confirmed to me yesterday that the entire staff under the manager who sent out the leaked email, was in fact fired. When I asked why, he simply stated that no one on the team would admit to it so the entire team was fired. It is a stark reality as to the nature of Apple. They are fully willing to overturn the lives, of not only the guilty, but the innocent as well to cover there butts. Tisk tisk Steve Jobs.. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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    Wow those people also telling the customers Here who have the problem to "shut up and return it" are just little suck up *******. Controlled by Steve.
    The problems exists on THE MAJORITY of phones. A poll should be created to prove this!
    If I wasn't on my iPhone I'd write more but somebody should create this poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamp1483 View Post
    i have 2 phones and both do the same crap!!! FU SJ
    I have 3 phones, all 3 have same issue. only thing different is some take longer for signal to drop. tried the tape trick, doesn't work either. using case help.

    My girlfriend went to Apple at 5th ave store regarding to sensor problem and reception issues, the day ( one day) after she bought, tech guy laugh at her and told her nothing they can do and ask her to buy case and told her to completely touch the phone with her face or use the ear piece.

    Bad customer service, very unreasonable. make me regret jumping into AT&T. some people said oh " IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT RETURN IT!" it going to cost me activation fees + 10% restocking fee. possibly lose my phone #.

    By the way AT&T and apple customer very aware of this problem and using lame reasoning and found various reason not to take care of the problem.
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