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Thread: Planetbeing Up For Challenge to Make iPhone 4 Exploit Jailbreak Happen

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    my ipad misses my iphone's mywi

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    It's been ready for days, so just release it

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    ^how do you know that?

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    That would be awsome, I am having to use my wifes 3Gs , becuase it has MyWi. it wont be long before she gets upset and wants her phone back, no more MyWi

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone kingchkn's Avatar
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    Christmas in July!? Keep up the good work Devs!

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    so this is only for iphone 4 and not 3gs new bootrom?

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    Yea I upgraded my 3GS n I can't downgrade I need my iPhone 4 jailbroken and for everybody to upgrade their apps to iOS4!!...patiently waiting though

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    BRING IT!!!! Haven't picked my iPhone 4 yet simply cuz the JB is not yet out there... LoL

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    Poseidon79 quote : "I don't miss theming so much as iRealSMS and QuickReply!"

    Amen brother!! The only things I want the jailbreak for are

    1. iRealSMS (quick reply) - used this every day, almost never get in to my phone to do texting and calling, just lock screen with this.
    2. Intelliscreen (miss checking emails from lock screen as well)
    3. MyWi (my wifi iPad is trapped in my house and wifi enabled areas, ugh)
    4. SB Settings (duh)

    Honestly that's about it, though it's nice to have more theming I can live without it. These other features I can not live without!

    Also, I will likely use backrounder and circuitous or proswitcher as opposed to Apple's lame ***** attempt at multitasking
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    I don't miss theming so much as iRealSMS and QuickReply!
    so do I
    I miss just being able to volume up and tap to get my message input box up

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    Quote Originally Posted by pm_kennedy View Post
    So many things I miss from the jailbreak. iPhone 4 is an amazing device...but just doesn't feel the same with out the JB. I check twitter and MMi constantly to see if any new progress has been made.
    You have NO IDEA how much I do the same thing. I've bookmarked MMi, iPhone Dev Team's blog, and all the twitter pages of the the key players in the JB universe all in search of any news on the progress towards a jailbreak for my iPhone 4. It IS a great device but absolutely BORING and about 75% less use to me without my favorites apps:

    Intelliscreen / LockInfo (I have successfully mixed the 2)
    ...and so much more...

    I would gladly $$$$$ if it would mean getting the JB quicker. I don't know what's MORE FRUSTRATING...having to wait to get the iPhone 4 after the pre-order debacle or now having it and NOT having it jailbroken. It's a real close contest with the JB-less state right now having a slight edge and growing!

    Quote Originally Posted by hacktarded1
    Also, I will likely use backrounder and circuitous or proswitcher as opposed to Apple's lame ***** attempt at multitasking

    Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
    you have a little time planetbeing i wont be getting my white iphone till the 24th of july
    Speak for yourself please comrade. The rest of us need it NOW! (No disrespect to those hard-at-work trying to achieve it for us.) Just don't want anyone thinking the urgency is NOT THERE! LOL
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    won't use my iPhone 4 till JB. switched sim to 3gs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrbone View Post
    new baseband is already unlocked.
    Ultra has already been updated last week.

    someone correct me if Im mistaken but the only thing holding the unlock back is the ability to Jailbreak Iphone4
    Ultrasn0w will not work on the iPhone 4. At least not the current version. It's for 3GS and below. All new coding for the iPhone 4. The same case applied in the iPhone 3G release, new code from the 1st Gen iPhone. It took a couple of months for the unlock to come out.
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    Woot wooot!!!!!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by urfriendlazy View Post
    i can't wait! keep up the good work!
    Agreed! MAJOR PROPS to Planetbeing and all the others for whom we rely upon to set out apple devices free!

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    Canīt wait! Thatīs great

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    "Also, I will likely use backrounder and circuitous or proswitcher as opposed to Apple's lame ***** attempt at multitasking"

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand why their implementation of multitasking is so inferior?

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    i am loving my new iphone 4 but a few things i really want back my themes and lockinfo and sbsetting it is killing me to no end without lockinfo that program is simply amazing and i have swiped my toolbar many times for sbsetting. Lastly i didnt know at first you had to go to the settings to turn on 3g i thought my phone was messed up or something

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    I'm also wondering if the used iPhone market will drop faster then prior upgrades to 4.

    I would like to sell my two 3G's and my 3GS. So I can upgrade my family with iPhone 4's...we are all sorta OK with the two year deal with AT&T.

    Prices are steady now but they gotta start dropping soon.

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    @Levirules. I also am not fond of apples attempt at multitasking. It gets the job done but after a few hours of use I end up with a dock full of apps that takes longer to get through then just going to the springboard. I would love to see jailbreak devs implement better tasking into the existing UI

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