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Thread: Spirit Exploit Ported for iOS 4 and iPhone 4 : Coming Soon!

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    Then ur posting in the wrong thread...this is for i4 not 3GS....jk I'm bored this Sunday sucks lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlos916 View Post
    jailbreak + iphone 4= jizzed my pantz!!
    Like this: Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: J*** in My Pants

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    Oh yes... Im so excited :-).... I love my iPhone4 but there is nothing like being jailbroken and #Free... but i still have my 3gs which is working on wifi so that will suffice for now
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    So iOS4.0.1 is getting released tomorrow? (Monday) If so, I'm sure the JB will be for 4.0.1.......right

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    I really don't think FaceTime will work so well with the 3G restrictor. It will be very laggy and will probably drop the call. Its dropped a call on me on wi-fi. Im sure apple tested it thats why it only works on wi-fi. But i still would like to try. I just want mywi back and ill be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj203355 View Post
    I'm tired of waiting on jailbreak this and jailbreak that from people who keep saying "I'll have it for you in a little bit..." and when people ask the response is "hey I'm busy, so go away and be patient"...If you wouldn't have said anything nobody would be bothering you. And GeoHot, thank you for your time and effort but if you're going to be a hacker, you gotta keep your personal info to yourself (WHOIS domain info with cell and address). That's just asking for stupid users to bug the sh1t out of you. Anyways... my reason for posting instead of posting my opinion (which someone will complain about)is this:

    I want to help. I don't like relying on anyone else. I'm pretty sure everyone else would at a minimum start to learn iphone stuff (IT WOULD ALSO KEEP THEM BUSY WHILE YOU WORK ON IPHONE JAILBREAKS/UNLOCKS). So what I'm asking is that if everyone in this forum could start posting what we need to learn/know/do to start being a help instead of waiting at the bottom for our iphone 1337 to throw us goodies.

    *what do you have to know to start working on iphone exploits
    -programming languages
    -"how things are setup to work"

    <> post this up and we'll freaking leave you alone
    <> and someone or everyone scrape up your clams and see if we can't find a way for us to "donate" our pennies to help out our iphone 1337 to get iphone 4's or whatever else they need.... the mean time, I'm going to go get a droid - I'm tired of playing around with apple, att and everyone else (not for the cause)

    ****who knows when apple will release an update and we'll be back without a phone asking for help from people who do this for fun/free/the cause.

    one last thing...just wanted to say I really do appreciate all of you working hard for all of us for free. keep up the good work and in the future the favor will be returnedenjoi
    Go to school to be a programmer! Learn how to code! No one is going to spoon feed you all this information. That's going on a physics forum and saying you want to help with Chaos Theory... if you don't know what you're doing in the first place then there's no way for you to contribute with your non-existent skill set.

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    so many jailbreaks and no unlocks

    um bitting the high monthly plan bullet and going to AT&T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seiki View Post
    Haha, I agree with you. I knew Geohot was a ****** the moment I saw his face pop up on my iPhone. I mean, what kind of person does that?
    Lol!!! I thought it was Froto Baggins when I first saw it.

    I was like, Wow, Geohot is a avid Lord of the Rings fan!

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    lol i thought the same thing , and i dont even watch those movies

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    Well I have'nt read through every post but I just saw read on gizmodo:

    "Well there is now little twist to it, another iPhone hacker named p0sixninja has confirmed that [Spirit] can't be released in its current shape because it contains some of Apple's proprietary code."

    Seems as if there will be a major delay in this whole thing...

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    This jailbreak will not be released to the pubic. It does contain Apple code that can not be downloaded like redsn0w. That's what I meant by my first post in this thread.

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    im pretty patient so when ever its done its done.

    just cant wait for lockinfo / notifier / quicksms / backgrounder / and sbsettings.

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    Backrounder and Mywi are a must. Until then my Iphone 4 sits and waits.

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    Do I have to be the asshol3 to say that the op pic was taken on an iPad with rotation lock enabled?
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    No t-mobile Internet on ios 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    This jailbreak will not be released to the pubic. It does contain Apple code that can not be downloaded like redsn0w. That's what I meant by my first post in this thread.
    Wow, that's disappointing. Looks like we need Geohot now.

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    Is backgrounder needed anymore now that Apple allows multitasking?

    I NEED Notifier and Winterboard!

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    you can rotate lock on ios4 / i4

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    LOL.. "We have a jailbreak... See.. look at this pic... see... look at my root shell. Oh BTW... it can't be released... sorry.

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    lol comex doesnt even have the iphone 4 yet :P

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