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Thread: AT&T to get 2 iPhone Shipments Tuesday

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    Default AT&T to get 2 iPhone Shipments Tuesday

    [UPDATED: the store manager will tell people how many iPhones are coming in the second shipment.]

    Just got a leak from AT&T Ninja about Tuesday's iPhone 4 shipment to retail stores. Apparently, the shipment is coming in two waves, with an early one Monday night that is expected to sell out quickly and a stealth 2nd shipment Tuesday between 10:30 and noon. The store manager will [not] wait until all the iPhone 4s are gone before telling the people in line that a second shipment is coming. They'll take "reservations" from the people still in line when they sell out, so they're suggesting people stay in line in case some of the people in line don't buy because they don't have upgrade eligibility or they're over their limit on their credit card… what the document calls "fallout."

    They are also setting aside 2% of all the phones they get - half 16GBs and half 32GBs, for "customer escalations," presumably this means phones that customers bring back and want replaced.

    An inventory report will be available Monday afternoon to the store mangers that will indicate exactly how many iPhone 4 (16GB and 32GB) they will receive in their Monday and Tuesday shipments. The manager is to subtract 2% with a 50/50 split of 16GB and 32GB. This will provide some inventory for customer escalations.
    Apparently, this is all being done "to ensure an extraordinary customer experience."
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    Any info on white ones yet ?

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    Are They Still Going To Sell These Online Also?

    If so Id Rather Get'em Online as long as the stupid Server Doesn't Take a Dump!!! LOL

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    look at that guy in the blue shirt. JUST LOOK AT HIM

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJM AutoWerkz View Post
    Any info on white ones yet ?
    they will be release mid july. it says so on the apple website

    Quote Originally Posted by lolcats1 View Post

    look at that guy in the blue shirt. JUST LOOK AT HIM
    lol, he didnt know he was being filmed
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    Just got one yesterday. Just walked into my local Apple store and 7 minutes later came out with a 32gb iPhone 4. People waited in line for days to do that? Hmm. Best Buy or Apple...I'd never go to AT&T directly to get an iPhone. The stores are too small for a release this big. Awesome device, but can't wait for the jailbreak.

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    July 24TH for the WHITE ONE to be Released ......

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    LOL @ the guy in the blue shirt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpgpromaster View Post
    they will be release mid july. it says so on the apple website

    lol, he didnt know he was being filmed
    =) come on guys there might be something wrong with him.

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    The AT&T website says that they're going on sale via their website on June 29th (Check the website lol) that the AT&T store on 17th and 6th(in chelsea)?

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    That's for presale ...
    U want to pick one up wait till July 24th like I said or PreOrder via the website

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    LMFAO...(with a lisp) doth thith iphone make my hipth look big?
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    Quote Originally Posted by swpelchat View Post

    LMFAO...(with a lisp) doth thith iphone make my hipth look big?
    Seeing that you are from Mississippi, do you really want to start the stereotyped assumptions?

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    first of all i was kidding as was everyone else in this thread...second I am in the military stationed down here I am from upstate ny originally. i stereotype people from here all the time.
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    My boss called in to AT&T yesterday and ordered one over the phone and they said he would get it in 7 days.

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    This is crazy, my sister waited inline for four hours to get her update, only for them to wait until she got into the store to be told they were sold out. Then they tried to sell her something else, lol.
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    Why have two shipments so close together?

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