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Thread: iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Malfunctions Reported

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    Default same issue
    i have the same issue, phone goes on hold suddenly while in active conversation, mute, speakerphone or Face time.... i thought i was the only one with this issue lol

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    Having the same issue on my i4 too.
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    Never have had this happen to me on my 4.

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    Thumbs down Am i the only one?

    wtf?!?!?! i really mean WTF ? touchscreen problems, hearing problems, proximity sensor problems, antenna problems, apple bumpers, fragile glass, fragile phone, overheating problems..

    anything else to keep my pulse sky high while I await my long waited REINVENTED MOFO KING OF THE PHONES iPhone 4 to arrive in my mailbox 'mr.' Job$$ ? (note to slags who wont get the point of the whole post and argue about the shipping: friend shipped it I live in another country).

    Ooooh it's finally here!! wow what a shiny shiny box this is! wooow what a nice way to pack it ! oh there it is there is my new iPhone!!!!!111oneoneone. Ok let's see now:

    boot? yayyy it boots!!
    pls god dont let it have a yellow geez!!!111
    pls god let it have full signal! i promise no phone-sx!
    pls god let it have a working speaker!!11
    pls god let it have a good proximity sensor!!!11
    pls god if i ever drop it, pls dont let it die!!!1111
    pls god.. [insert next post here]..

    what is left to be said that's actually good? and sorry but this will go on and on to everyone that's been saying bs to everything and things like 'just get a case' 'just put an electrical tape' or the epic effing EPIC 'no issue. just don't hold it that way'

    Am I really the only one that wants to scream a big F U Apple ?

    -600.000 defective phones that are basically ipod touch with a bit of phone.
    -and you still make huge lines to buy it.
    -and you still rant and don't make this as serious as it should be.

    -above all though what makes me so irritated is that you (yes you. users, moderators etc) are okay with this. Kill 'em ffs. And do it slowly

    but you know what? I really don't care. Just gonna find the first appl£ fan boy sucker that comes to me and sell it for 1000 euro and just go on and buy something else.

    ps: jobs? i don't give a rat's behind if u read this (cause yeah it will be sent to you too) but I really honestly believed you had a good phone there. apparently you've forgot to test one thing. if it can make calls. Phone's are overrated these days anyway so I guess you know better.

    ps2: i dont give an f for my grammar/spelling either.
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    Mine is not working correctly 100% of the time.

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    Ya it doesn't happen to me, I made my phone a new one, didn't restore from old 3gs backup, I think thats the problem. Try resetting the network and other settings, it should work then. The 3gs backup probably causes a glitch or something to the sensors.

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    Lol, maybe your "not holding it right" try switching your grip and maybe the problem will not appear again

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    Mine did this Wednesday night, I was holding it up to my cheek and it hit the # sign. I just tested it again and a very weird thing happened. I went into my contacts to last names with an F as I new my buddy was at work so I was going to call his home phone, anyways I selected his home number and placed the call. It called one of my contacts whose last name begins with a P? I check the phone number in my friends profile and it is correct. Sounds like there are some bugs with the new OS4, wouldn't be surprised if we see a firmware update in the next month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauldanielash View Post

    Increasing numbers of iPhone 4 users are reporting the touchscreen becoming active during phone calls when the proximity sensor would normally shut it off, leading to inadvertent button-presses. The reports are coming in with enough frequency and consistency to suspect a hardware or calibration issue with at least a particular subset of iPhones. No word from Apple yet.

    The iPhone's proximity sensor uses a small infrared LED and uses the reflection from nearby objects to deactivate the touchscreen when it's close to your head. If you hold it up to an iSight or other camera that can read near infrared light, you can usually just see the glow. The problem may be in how sensitive the detector is set to be on some phones or an actual problem with the detector. So far I haven't noticed it with my own phone, if I make a call and hold a finger in front of the sensor with my finger the screen deactivates out to about an inch away.

    An email from a MMi member this morning reported hearing keypress tones during calls, and in one instance his phone tried to initiate a FaceTime call while he had the iPhone to his head. There's an Apple Support thread with forty-one posts as of the time of this writing, most with similar reports. One user says the display activates when he rocks it from side to side.

    Anyone out there seeing this?
    Yeah, I keep going to speaker when I'm on calls.

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    the only problem that i have had and i am surprised it is not headline news... when i rotate the phone in my hand a certain way, i can no longer see the screen. very weird and random, but learning to live with it.

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    Yeah, I've hit the mute button a few times while it was against my face..

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    mine actually stays off when i pull it away from my head and i cant hang up, use speaker, or keypad. Called apple tech support yesterday and they sent me a new iphone which i just got delivered a few hours ago. I havent turned it on yet thou, hopefully this one wont have that issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrykid323 View Post
    yes this is very true I noticed this on my 1st phone call all of a sudden it was on MUTE !!!
    Yes, same thing happened to me several times. Was talking to my wife, then she kept saying "Hello...Hello...", looked at the phone, and it was muted. Noticed a few times while talking to people that the proximity sensor would just not work and I could see the dialpad

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    Quote Originally Posted by giancarlo View Post
    go to settings and choose the "erase all settings." Cleared it right up for me. I complained about my phone screen not coming back after I finish a call, but a fellow member gave me a heads up and sure enough all the issues are gone.

    Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings
    glad the tip worked for ya

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    Not a single problem here. I've tested all the complaints but the phone reacts as expected through all tests.

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    actually my 3gs has been doing this since the iOS 4 update. i think this is a software problem.

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    I reset network settings and problem solved.

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    This used happen to me a lot on my old 2G. I don't think you can blame the iPhone 4 for this, at least in terms of hardware. I think there will be a software fix for this.

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    meh, mine works fine as well

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    When I am in a call and my pull the face away from the phone, the screen does not activate as quickly as my iPhone 3G did. I pull it away and I have to wait about 2 seconds for the screen to come on. It is kinda of annoying.

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