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Thread: Sn0wBreeze 1.6 Released : Jailbreak iOS 4 for Windows

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    I was wondering how do i know if i have an old bootrom or a new bootrom? and i have 5.12.01 and it is unlocked 3.1.3. but i wanna update to iso4

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    My understanding is that ALL MC models, regardless of serial numbers, have new bootrom and cannot yet be jb'd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seandiego View Post
    If I already upgraded my jailbroken iphone to iOS4, can I now Jailbreak it again or not? This is what I am not clear on. I am not a hacker so all this bootrom blah blah blah talk just confuses me.
    3GS, then no. You need to downgrade to 3.x and jailbreak it. Then restore using custom firmware.
    3G, yes. Just run Redsn0w to jailbreak it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Shady View Post
    Hey guys just a general question- why does it matter if ur 3gs has been jailbroken by spirit before? just wondering thanks
    Because Spirit is a Userland JB which based on the OS itself.

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    Nobody has been able to answer this question for me yet.

    359.3 old bootrom
    359.3.2 new bootrom

    Does anyone know if the iPhone 4 has the same bootrom as the new bootrom 3Gs(359.3.2), or has Apple introduced an entirely new bootrom with the iPhone 4?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sn4key View Post
    i got an error message when building the ipsw saying "could not find c:/users/etc,etc,etc/"

    anyone has a clue on that or i'm just stupid and can't figure out?
    me too!!! Wtf???

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    does this fix ibooks

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    I have 3gs with old bootrom , did not save shsh with 3.1.2, only have 3.1.3 , can I restore to 3.1.3 using custom firmware by sn0wbreeze 1.5.2 and then upgrade to 4.0 using sn0wbreeze 1.6. thanks

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    how do you know if you have the old bootrom or new bootrom?

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    Default nothing new
    this is nothing new, i've been jailbroken and unlocked for over 2 days now on my 3G with Windows 7, by using redsnow and ultrasnow. iOS 4.0 is great my only recommendation to everybody thats upgrading do not enable multitasking during your initial jailbraking process, it will steal the crap out of ur memory (RAM) and u constantly have to remember to turn off Apps in ur multitasking bar. i'm not sure if snowbreeze gives u an option to enable or disable multitasking but redsnow did. either way if they don't u can always SSH into ur phone and go to: (/System/Library/CoreService/ is MULTITASKING=FALSE!
    if its set to TRUE then its on to turn it off erase true and replace with false.

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    Ok so people are throw around all these numbers baseband old/new bootrom and so on, but none of them fit my 3gs. I JB my 3gs on 3.1 and then on 3.1.2 and now on 3.1.3. In theroy I should be able to JB to 4.0 but they are say if your 3GS is and MC model you can't.
    My 3GS info
    FW = JB 3.1.3
    Serial 4th & 5th number = 31
    Model = MC
    Modem FW = 04.26.08

    See where I am coming from all these are old and new and all over the place. I just really want to know If it is safe for me to use this method to JB 4.0 Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Shady View Post
    Hey guys just a general question- why does it matter if ur 3gs has been jailbroken by spirit before? just wondering thanks
    because spirit is a userland jailbreak. the rest are not

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    i cant stand when tutorials always just omit some MAJOR information when explaining these things.

    such as; WHERE does this .ipsw file come from? where do i get it? how do i browse to it? do i upgrade to 4.0 first and THEN find the i stay on 3.1.2 and DOWNLOAD the ipsw file?


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    anyone took the plunge yet?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Shady View Post
    Unfortunately I got the 3GS with 3.1.3 on it :-/
    Why don't u try it n tell us ur result?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ish8894 View Post
    does this fix ibooks
    PwnageTools 4.0.1 Also does.

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    Just to be clear: this is not a jailbreak for the new iPhone 4 correct?

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    Hmm. No support for MC models...SHOCKER! Why won't the devs just wait and release a jailbreak once it can support all models?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobright View Post
    Just to be clear: this is not a jailbreak for the new iPhone 4 correct?
    Not yet.

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    ok im really confused here. sounds a bit noobish =[
    I have and iPod Touch 2nd Gen, 3.1.3 firmware and jb with spirit, and not running the new version of iTunes. What am i supposed to do to jailbreak?

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