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Thread: Sn0wBreeze 1.6 Released : Jailbreak iOS 4 for Windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerote View Post
    One1 wrote a great way to go back down to pwn it if you had your 3.1.2 shsh on file.
    Can you tell me where I can find this possibly? thanks!

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    I got an error message when building the IPSW saying "Could Not Find C:/Users/etc,etc,etc/"

    Anyone has a clue on that or I'm just stupid and can't figure out?

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    Today i updated to 4.0 but i had to do a full restore, and my iPod touch is a 2G, but its an MC model, can i jailbreak it?

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    awts no luck for 3gs with new bootrom again... hope it'll be out before the end of june... still waiting patiently and checking every other minute...

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    wow nice im going to update my iPhone 3GS

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    For those who want to know if they have old or new bootrom, I remember it was this, look at your 4th and 5th digit on your serial number, for example it is abc23 then you have the old bootrom. The digits stand for the week your iPhone 3gs was produced. 3g and 2g users don't have to worry about bootrom issues. if yours is 39-42 it is not exactly known cuz some have the old and some have new. If it is over 43 then you have the new bootrom. So if yours is 1-38 I guess it is old bootrom, 39-42 it is unclear, and 43+ it is new bootrom.

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    Does this work with a previously JB 3Gs (not spirit, non MC) that now is on iOS4 and baseband 5.13?
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    My serial number is 21, so I guess I should be good. I'll try it out tomorrow.

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    If I already upgraded my jailbroken iphone to iOS4, can I now Jailbreak it again or not? This is what I am not clear on. I am not a hacker so all this bootrom blah blah blah talk just confuses me.
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    I have the older boot rom. But I had problems with the settings app opening. So I restored with ios4 beta. I'm now @ 5.13.04. Should this jb work for my 3GS???

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    So if the first 5 digits of my serial number are: 79017. I'm good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptors View Post
    Good news : ) will update when support for winterboard comes out
    ...and free tethering.

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    Can anyone explain to my why we can't JB iOS 4.0 on the iPod Touch 3rd Generation? It seems strange to me, but I'm sure there must be some logical explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJones_86 View Post
    Can you tell me where I can find this possibly? thanks!

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    Confused by all the mb mc for new or old bootrom on the 3gs. Mine starts with mc but was made week 37 and used blackra1n on 3.1.2 untethered. I thought to check for new or old bootrom was by the 4th and 5th digits not the first two


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    I think tar is true if u have 3g. Fron what I've heard 3g users should upgrade to 4.0 and then use either redsn0w or sn0wbreeze 1.6 which was just released a bit earlier to jailbreak. Anyone please correct me if I am incorrect on anything as I am downloading 4.0 to iTunes via a verry slow Internet connection (still have 38 min's left) lol.

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    1.6.1 is out.

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    seandiego: downgrade to 3.1.2. Jailbreak it with blackra1n, redsn0w, pwnage, watever, just not Spirit. Then go ahead and run snowbreeze to get back to ios 4 jb

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