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Thread: The Retina Display

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    Where are you guys getting the ram specifications? I haven't been able to find one source indicating whether its 256mb or 512mb

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    We should agree to call it iPhone 4G since we name the first iPhone the 2G how bout that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skaterbasist View Post
    Where are you guys getting the ram specifications? I haven't been able to find one source indicating whether its 256mb or 512mb
    [ame=]iPhone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by skaterbasist View Post
    Where are you guys getting the ram specifications? I haven't been able to find one source indicating whether its 256mb or 512mb
    The A4 (iPad) was scanned with an x-ray microscope and found to contain (on the SoC) 256mb of RAM. Therefore the A4 in the iPhone 4 will have 256mb of RAM as well. It doesn't matter. I can run Ubuntu on a single-core Pentium4 with 512mb of RAM and it's faster for most tasks than a Core2Duo running Vista with 2GB of RAM. The OS dictates efficiency and how much hardware is needed for decent performance. Android and WinMo both benefit from more RAM because they're horribly inefficient. Those of US that have been backgrounding since day 1 know that the 3GS outperforms the 3G, while background many apps (in a horribly inefficient way - backgrounder) and yet still can use less than 128MB of RAM (unless you're using a nav app or playing a game). No matter what you're doing on your iPhone, you won't need more than 256MB of RAM at any point. Not with backgrounder, and certainly not with the iOS4's services method of backgrounding.

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    But but but...512 is more so I need it. Damn your reasoning skills.

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    I'm on my phone so I can't throw infractions like an angry God but I will start if people don't stop calling iPhone 4G or HD. Call it what it is, iPhone 4 or 4th gen iPhone. Or just iPhone.

    It isn't a 4G phone and calling the 1st gen iPhone the 2G has always be stupid. What are you all going to call the next one, 5G?

    iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and now iPhone 4.

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    Apple says the glass on both the front and back of the iPhone is "Made from the same materials used in helicopters and high-speed trains" and "chemically strengthened to be harder, more scratch resistant, and more durable than ever."
    I would love to use my iPhone w/o the screen protector since I hate the plastic feeling. Anyone want to be the lab rat when you receive your iPhone 4? Take your keys and rub against the screen for awhile, let see how well it will hold up.

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    This does sound pretty impressive

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    I scratched my Tag Heuer watch crystal face, that is stronger than this iPhone glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleye View Post
    WOW. Thats the picture i've been looking for. Thats freakin NUTS.
    ditto.. .. .

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    Does anyone know if Apple stores will carry the iPhone 4 for display prior to its release date? Would make it easier for me to decide if I should preorder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    How many apps could you possibly want to run simultaneously to need more than 256mb? A normal app requires less than 10mb. So unless you're interested in killing your battery, 256 should be enough
    If apple was serious about getting "serious" with gaming, 256 MB is a total fail in that regard.

    256 would be a nice upgrade and yield great results if the resolution had stayed the same. Bumping the CPU and res is awesome, but capping ram at such a low level is going to hurt them. In the gaming space, at least.
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    Call me impressed! I can't wait for this to come out -- the best thing is that my 2 years are up and that my phone is paid for by my company. Christmas in June!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
    We should agree to call it iPhone 4G since we name the first iPhone the 2G how bout that?
    Are you joking?? It's clearly called iPhone 4, why would it be 4G when it doesn't have 4G and Apple called it iPhone 4.

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    did anyone see on ATT website last night that the price was lowered? the 32GB was listed on the main page for 199 with 2 year contract and the 16 was 149. I looked today and cannot find that ANYWHERE. im merely asking so I can tell myself im not going crazy.

    And to go way off the traditional naming convention I think we should call it IOS 4G Gorilla sex... because its got IOS4, its the 4th gen iPhone, has gorilla glass, and DAMN its sexy.

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    so if the human eye can only see 300 pixels per inch, does that mean that 26 pixels are being wasted every inch?
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    Hmm this seems like it will be an interesting technology. While I have been happy with my 3GS' display for the most part(It has trouble rendering CMYK images....the greens and blues always seem to be off) I certainly wouldn't mind the extra detail. I suspect, as previously mentioned, that to truly appreciate this one must experience it rather than merely reading the stats.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPhone3G[S] View Post
    You missed the important part of that. You can see about 300ppi at about 12-15in away from your eye...
    Well a normal person will hold their phone about 10-12 inches from their eyes.

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    looks cool
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    Holding out for the"scratch & sniff" HD screen
    Waiting to pre-order. When will that option be on att's website?

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