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Thread: 4th Gen iPhone May Be Last Without Solar Capacity

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    Clear solar panel? Sounds good to me.
    Heres my solar powered iPhone
    Oh, no.... Low Battery !!!

    Nice built in solar screen

    Ok thats better.

    More Power Scotty !!!!!

    For when you go camping and such Being a little Green.

    There are the solar cases out there in the mean time.

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    @whereswaldo can't believe I have to respond to your stupidity but learn to count before you bash me genius

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMOSlabs View Post
    Clear solar panel? Sounds good to me.
    Heres my solar powered iPhone

    Transparent plastic solar cells fitted into windows | Green Tech - CNET News

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    Apple to help with the oil spill? There's gotta be an app for that. :P

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    I am surprised Apple isnt looking into the technology that self wind watches use . I mean my phone is in my pocket and I walk alot , I would never have to charge it . It sure doesnt get much sun in my pocket and I would probably have to leave it on my dashboard of the car and I would then forget about it leaving it a sure target for thieves . Thanks Apple , ya just got my phone stolen.

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    @damond84 it even says on the top right of the post: messany is number one, amraam is number 2 and u are number 3

    And I wouldn't call posting "second" genius
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    Quote Originally Posted by imho123 View Post
    Could there be the possibility that apple is just trying to keep up the image that they are not supporting the jailbreak? Actually it is only improving their products value:
    This is true, but IF apple liked the idea that JB is bringing value to the table. Then why do they seem to want to try and fix every exploit that is found during the JB. I mean if they think JB is good, then why even attempt to stop it. Same with this new iBoot. Why make that move, why not just leave it be. The new iBoot didnt bring anything new to the table. Besides at one time it did make it a lil more BS when JB (tethered for example)......Apple knows they cant make a "perfect" product. Which is why the only fix exploits when the JBers find them. If it wasnt for JB, then apples product would never improve....Just goes to show that apple never made it perfect to begin with. They are just making it "better" as time goes by.........IF apple wanted a perfect product. The OS would have a Penguin for a Mascott. LMAO
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    lets think about this for a second, with the exception of having a desk that is right by a window this is all but useless. How many people will lose their iphone because they left it somewhere to charge. And don't forget the iphone over heating from just being left in the car, direct sunlight... some on
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    We're actually hearing rumors about the 5th gen iPhone when the 4th gen hasn't even been released? haha

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    There are watches that charge through their faces. The iPhone definitely needs this, but there should be an on/off option so we can still drain all the way down once a month.

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    Everyone who thinks that the "solar touch panel" is a touch screen is an idiot. It says nothing of the sort. Use your brain. They'd be patenting THAT if it were possible. Duh.

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