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Thread: Can't Get Enough Of These iPhone 4 Leaks : More Images and Concepts

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    gosh it looks soo cool. i can't wait to put my hands ON ONE

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    I loved the 2g feel. The 3g and 3gs always fel like a toy to me but I still had to get one though lol. Love the new design though it really does fit in with the MacBook pro and ipad. And the concept art makes it look way cooler than all the leak pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyalaa View Post
    Well, Am I the only one who thinks that the design is nice!?

    Did u guyz notice that the carrier is RogerS??
    I personally really like the design also.

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    "...Ever since the gizmodo story about the the next gen iPhone, it seems to have started a huge leak with what is to come. It's almost as if Apple's marketing team decided to push more leaks out in order to create more hype around the next iDevice."

    Do you got any doubt at the moment that this is a major Ad strategy? In Argentina we call that "Boca a boca" (Mouth to mouth). The big impact of the forbiden, in LO, MID or HI quality, doesnt matter, just show it to me and spread the virus...

    Once again, Apple Win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
    U guys will still buy it no matter what u don't like about the design.true?
    so true. gonna get the new ipod just for the upped processor.

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    not sure which one I like better.....the white one looks slick but might get dirtier around in the edges

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    very nokia-esque imo

    *not a bad thing if i may add... I know I'll be there to get it on the first day *
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    i like the new design, only 4 days
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    The concepts look amazing. Hard to believe that their and consumer-concepts, and not the real thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
    U guys will still buy it no matter what u don't like about the design.true?
    Nah, I won't. I honestly don't like the design, feels too squareish for my tastes. I've bought each iPhone, but I am definitely going to skip this one.

    2G I wanted: more space, mms, video recorder.

    3G: Native video recorder (cycorder was great but it would lag up during dark environments.), and zoom functionality.

    3GS: camera flash.

    Which apparently the 4G has, but it's still not enough to really make me want to upgrade. Stupid Apple knows how to milk it well though. I've been buying each upgrade for these exact things. but yeah, forget the flash. I can always carry a pocket flashlight and point that while taking a photo.
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    Default Nice!
    Cant freakin wait. my contract isnt up until july 7th and i can renew. hopefully they wont be on backorder or sumthin stupid lol

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    i personally welcome the new design, its refershing from the old iphones and i personally think it looks better

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    looks like the classic ipod style =P

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    The concept art is AMAZING! I might hold off on a 3G[S] just for this sexy beast

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    How funny would it be if all these leaks were designed by Apple to throw us off and the new 4G looked nothing like what all these reports say

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    I love the white one!!! Can't wait for Monday!!!

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    To me looks like a blackberry bold with touch screen and maybe too expensive for me to have one.

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    Looks like the ipad had a baby with down syndrome.

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