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Thread: How Much Will The 4th Generation iPhone Cost?

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    I hope $199 for the 32gb. I don't need 64gb and it would be nice to pocket some money from my sale of the 3gs.

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    I hope for $99 for a 128Gb
    But I also hope for World Peace
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    ^ lol good price but won't see that happen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arem View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by aimetti View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by CZroe View Post
    I'm positive that they will hold capacity bumps at those price points until the next refresh after the 4th-gen iPhone / iPhone HD. There are enough things to justify the refresh already and Apple is famous for holding out on features to create an upgrade cycle. "Feature crunch."

    If they have a 64GB model, it will be more than $300 because 16GB will be $199 and 32GB will be $299.
    not really czroe

    when the 3g went from 8gb / 16gb to the 3gs 16 gb / 32gb respectively the price stayed the same. Most would expect the same now.

    not to mention the ipod touch already has 64 gb, not a huge deal here.
    Yep, look at Apple's history here...
    For as long as even the iPod has been out, they always raise the storage/features, and either drop the price, or leave it the same.
    That's what's going to happen here.
    The top-model (in this case the 64GB 4th gen....actually, I think I'm going to call it the Mark 4, er..."Mk IIII" iPhone) will be $299 with a two-year ATT agreement.
    What I want to know is this: Will we see factory unlocked iPhones in the US? And if so, what's the premium?
    Quote Originally Posted by CZroe View Post
    That's the same flawed logic this "analyst" is using. No. This time there is more than a simple CPU speed and memory bump. In addition to the second camera, flash, better battery, etc, there will likely be a DL speed increase too (AT&T's "3.5G" HSPA+). All of iPhone OS 4's features will not be accessible to iPhone and iPhone 3G, so there are even more potential upgraders, especially due to aging batteries. Mark my words: 16GB, $199, 32GB, $299, 64GB is only possible in the future and/or at a higher price.

    Neither you nor the analyst seem to account for the fact that an "in the wild" 4th gen iPhone HD was already seen with only 16GB. That's pretty damning evidence right there and it just so happens to fit my reasoning.
    I called out the so-called analyst for using the same lazy logic and I hope he and both of you feel like idiots. iPhone 4 was just announced as being $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB. Boo ya! Edit: Interesting to see the new 8GB 3GS at $99.

    J/K about the "idiot" part but maybe next time you'll listen to the challenging logic someone else presents before just repeating the mainstream "obvious" logic it was challenging! "Not really" isn't an argument and of course I was aware of the last capacity bumps. What the previous bumps DIDN'T have were all the other additional features to upgrade for.

    I was disappointed to see no mention of HSPA+. Doesn't mean we won't see it though.
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    For those who will have the 4 soon, keep us posted. Lots of rumours that delivery outside the US will be delayed.

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