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Thread: 4th Gen iPhone Commercial will be a "Beauty"

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarky8 View Post
    the new iphone doesn't even need a commericial. I already want it
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    I auditioned for this commercial

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    Just hope this commercial doesnt involve Kevin Spacey pumping iron in his basement.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    are the ipad commercials about press on towels? i don't think i have ever seen the commercial!

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    Lol a video of the keynote Is
    an add itself

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    I don't think a commercial has ever made me want to buy something, other than a movie ticket. And Cocoa Pebbles. Man those things are good.

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    killall Terminal[]

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    Default )-:
    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    Wanna make people cry? Just show this:

    That's the mark of the Devil!!!!!
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    i like it...

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    Videochat isnt that important to me...
    The most imporyant thing that will make everything a lot easyer will be the multutasking but even more the access to the standard apps from in third party apps :-)

    @EagleEye --> Chatroulette :-P
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    why some touchy family issues? thats not what my iPhone is for...

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    ^^^^^^^^ was pumping iron in the garage not the basement.

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    This in not a new feature for cellphones, it is long overdue for the iPhone, and I will be excited to finally use it. Of course ,Apple has to go overboard with the advertising. think this will really be a leap for more video chat on cell phones, I just hope there's a way to break out of ATT's videocall charges...
    I think the front camera will be at least 2.0MP that would be great, 3.2 would be sweeet, and hopefully 5MP in back.

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    As always apple coles up with a proper way to do solething better than the other companys eg copy/cut/paste in 3.0 and multitasking in 4.0 and then they act like they invented a whole new product....

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    Quote Originally Posted by manofcolombia View Post
    they shud jus show porn on th iphone then EVERYONE will buy it!
    Maybe it'll help with grammar and spelling too, lol.

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    You mean there is going to be a new iPhone?
    Why did no-one mention it before?
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    Cause the language was Vietnamese!

    Oh wait,it was Chang,Chung,Caching!Whatever!
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    they better make these commercials bad*** cus there recent ones have sucked camel *****.
    it's just a plant. Thats all it is. And if you happen to set it on fire...there are some effects...

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    Wanna make people cry? Just show this:

    well now that you mention it

    totally used an ipad today.

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    Default Iphone commercial
    I remember seeing a info on Redmondpie about o'l lady-gaga doing a ad for the new iPhone.
    Its nice doing a video shoot when money is no object.

    Lady Gaga to Feature in iPhone 4G Ads ! | CMOS Labs Blog
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