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Thread: Another Video Calling Hint in Test Firmware?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jabregousmc View Post
    i kind of disagree that video calling on the phone over 3g will be that bad. i tether my iphone 3g to my mac and make skype video calls just fine (better than the wifi i have available where i'm at). so i dont see how it would be so terrible on a 3.5" screen. and for the "wifi only" idea...that's what my3g or 3g unrestrictor is for! my 2 cents
    Beat me to it.
    I've tethered and made skype video calls over 3G without any issues, and the quality is fine, on par with most wifi I've used actually.
    I really think ATT 3G speeds are quite decent, most of time pretty good actually, the problem they run into is throughput of data in heavy use areas. But I don't usually find it a problem at all where I am.
    If they offered more features (like tethering) INCLUDED in the plan...then I'd be very happy with them...but there's no fckin' way I'm paying for a data connection twice just because I wanna send that data through my MBP instead of my iPhone screen, not gonna happen. So even if they did offer it like that, I'd do it via jailbreak.
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    I think the front facing camera is hint enough.

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