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Thread: New White iPhone May Be ALL White

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    Moar colors will come as a completely new sold out Apple event, in which Apple will yet "revolutionize" colors, and give us the best experience with a color.

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    was thinking an all white one would be kind of ugly but looks pretty sweet i want it may not even put a case on it

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    If this is true, I really like it and I bet a statement somewhere in a not-too-distant Apple keynote will be..."we found a way to to build the iPhone out of a single block of aluminium...without compromising the quality of the signals..."

    Let's expect an all aluminum iPhone upgrade sometime in the near future!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptors View Post
    How about this

    WOW fking SEXY!!!..this would be GREAT

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    ^awesome dream of candied iPhones!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Might just be me, but the all-white design instantly reminded me of a white G1/myTouch 3G

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    soo nice
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    sick if it looks like that i want one whos waiting in line this year

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    I think that the thing above the ear piece is where the light sensors go now. I just think that front plate on the right is not finished, It needs the black cover. That's why you don't see the the opening on the left one.

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    the new design is getting uglier

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    I don't get it, all these leaks.
    First gizmodo got their hands on an iPhone 4G prototype, then an ipod touch with camera showed up in vietnam, now another iPhone 4G prototype?

    What's wrong with apple?
    Are they doing this on purpose, perhaps?

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    Sweet if it's like ths I will update my White 3gs to a White 4g

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    ill still get it in black

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    Sick, just the way I like my girls.

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    If only there was a way to have an aluminum version like the ipad/iMac/MacBook pros.

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    That think looks like the google phone! No thanks.
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    Paul, thank you for explicitly stating up front how we need to be critical of this information. I love when editors actually report the truth and don't try to blow it up with fluff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by politicalslug View Post
    The colors really cheapen the look of the phone. I looks like some cheap plastic toy. More metal and less plastic! I realize the Vietnamese site claimed the back was either glass or ceramic, but I don't buy that for a second. Either of those would shatter no matter how you dropped the phone.
    Actually ceramic is much harder than glass. I have a ceramic watch and the thing is so tough it doesn't show scratches at all in the year that I have been wearing it. I also dropped it on cement once and it shows no signs of wear at all. There is a reason why certain things are expensive.

    On the Mohs scale Diamonds rate a 10, Ceramic is between 7-9 (Aluminum Oxide Ceramic) while Glass rates a 5.5-6 on the hardness scale. Ceramic also can easily break glass.

    Mohs scale

    Although I don't see why Apple would use ceramic as it would cost more than glass.

    EDIT: Here is a Mythbusters segment about it. Pretty cool.

    Ceramic breaking glass
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    I dont think its worth $150 but this is the coolest site ever for pimping your iphone: ColorWare - iPhone 3GS

    You can even customize the color of your headphones
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