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Thread: PwnTunes

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    Go PwnTunes!

    I really love how a great project comes together.

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    Go PwnTunes!

    This project too good to be true! Hoping I get to win something in 2010! Lol

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    Go Pwntunes!
    ... FINALLY an app to add just about anything. WOW!
    This is good.

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    Go PwnTunes
    My new favortie jb app!

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    Go PwnTunes!Go PwnTunes!Go PwnTunes!Go PwnTunes!Go PwnTunes!

    Nice way to bypass the iTunes sync.

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    Go PwnTunes!

    ( and to a lesser extent my new IT company )

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    Go PwnTunes!

    I hope the author takes my frameserver idea for previously unsupported audio formats seriously.

    Quote Originally Posted by reanimationxp View Post
    Look, I did misunderstand you a bit the first time, but besides that - this will never happen.

    1. It's stupid. You're telling me I'm going to use my iPhone's CPU (and more importantly battery) to actively convert WMA into MP3 in realtime, just so I can avoid having to convert a WMA to an MP3 on computer? Get real.

    2. If you're talking about WMA's you obtained via a subscription service, it's illegal. Good luck cracking Janus AND pissing off the subscription company. I'm sure they and M$ will let that one slide if you do, on an Apple product no less.

    3. Noone uses WMA's except for streaming anyway, cuz they suck and MS never should have created their own format. If you have them laying around, convert them. End of story.
    WMA isn't the only unsupported audio format. How about Ogg? MP3Pro?

    Also, I was saying that perhaps a legal Janus-compatible/compliant player is possible. After all, all WinMo phones support it. I'm willing to bet that there is hardware WMA support in the chipset anyway just like there is unimplemented FM transmitter support. And, lacking that, it would not transcode to MP3 when the decoded WMA is already waveform/PCM.

    And I would think that anyone breaking the encryption to use subscription services with their iPhone is protected under DMCA interoperability clauses... thus the utility's name: FairUse4WM. Plus, it wouldn't be the WMA player's concern where the users got the unprotected WMA files. All I'm sayin' is that there is no other way to get offline (non-streaming) subscription music on an Apple device.

    Also, you think software playback for WMA kills battery life? Try online-only streaming subscription services!
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    Go PwnTunes!

    Due to my loveley wife, I have lost more iPhone cables than there will be posts in this thread....haha. I typically don't win anything...but here's to hoping.

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    Go PwnTunes!

    Hi everybody!

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    Go PwnTunes!

    I'm amazed at how you guys managed this! I was just harassed by apple haters by not having the ability to drag and drop on my iPad.

    Another fail on apples part fixed by jail breaking and free minds. Keep up the great work!

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    Go PwnTunes!

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    Go PwnTunes!

    Looking like a great product!

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    Go PwnTunes!

    Seems like a good app. May buy it anyway if the price drops a little...

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    Go PwnTunes

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazzer1983 View Post
    Go pwntunes
    Ha, I love the fact that you were openly dissing the app for being paid, and that you would happily pirate it - and you were one of the first to jump in to the compo! Hypocrisy much?

    Interesting app, I have seen many comments from iPhone owners I know who detest iTunes and really wanted to be able to just drag & drop music to the device. Myself, I have no problems with iTunes, and so this app is not for me. Does that mean it's not worth the money? Of course not.
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    Why the long discussions on piracy. Rule of thumb: If someone is charging for anything, and you do not pay for it you are STEALING! If you can't afford it save the money or do without! Thats what my mommy and daddy taught me.

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    Go PwnTunes!

    So will you be able to edit artist names etc on the idevice too? or does this still have to be done in iTunes?

    EDIT: Sorry didn't see that the original post was updated
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